Micam Italian Footwear

We have just completed one of the most important European shoe trade fairs, organized an event in Milan, the center of fashion and future trends: the MICAM.
Every year I look forward to these 5 days when I dive between literally hundreds and hundreds of companies offering absolutely wonderful models and innovative footwear and accessories. My family, as you know, been handed down for generations love and passion for the world of shoes and I’m not going to feel bound by what seems to become a “doom” … .So Sunday afternoon I landed in Milan, I did a quick lap in the center to watch a Milan that was preparing the upcoming Fashion Week, hot shower and to bed early. I already knew that the following day would be very tiring.


MICAM is structured in 11 pavilions (huge !!) each containing dozens of brands exhibiting more or less their original products. I must say that this year, compared with past seasons who have always provided me with a lot of material for my research, I found a few structures and footwear with an innovative design. I’ll explain. Generally I remain very struck by some particular collection of mood I notice during my installation laps but this year it was not so. The reason is simple: all that I could see is the 90% already around. Looking around, I realized that the colors FLUO lord in many collections, both in the construction of the uppers (the upper part of the shoe, usually one made ​​in leather, fabric etc etc) in the decoration of funds and wedges. And the studs .. do not tell you, an invasion. The phenomenon of color-highlighter think is really reached the peak of its expression and honestly I wish I did not find it so widespread.


But there is also something that struck me. There were collections of shoes developed in a very delicate and sober, balanced shoes, the kind and gentle lines, such as those of Rita Elisha Martin and Clay for example. Philipp Plein has revived main fluo colors (yellow, pink) declined in models very nice sneakers and portable. I loved the version of a sandal with studs instead read and gold. Speaking of gold… there will be full this mood in the next summer, and I’m super happy. One of the exhibition area that is very different from all the other stand is dedicated to the Visitors. A section structured completely differently and where there are brands and designers also unknown, but who designed the definitely different lines of shoes and accessories from all the rest.
In conclusion… I was expecting something more from this edition, but I’m sure I can not help but buy my usual 20 pairs of shoes this year.