Men's Fashion Books

A book on men’s fashion, but what will I be able to do this? Interesting question that Quentin allows me to answer today through his blog.
For those who have never read me here, I’m Jeremy, creator of the blog Be What You Wear and I’m here, it’s because we go out our first digital guide at the end of the month.

But then a guide why?

If at first, a guide’s doesn’t help you, maybe you think you can find everything for free on various blogs… and you are probably right.
The web is full of information of quality on men’s fashion, only you will encounter a major problem: how to sort the good from the bad?
It is from this point of view that we wanted to write our book.
We said the following thing: it would be probably interesting to consolidate all our best tips in a single book, with pictures, explanations of quality for under 20 euros.
Readers who really want to make progress without spending hundreds of euros in makeover could learn at their own pace, with only one support and without breaking the Bank.

This book can he really help me?

Normally, the answer is Yes. We thought this book to suit both the beginner and the advanced, that anyone who opens it can learn something. We discuss the basics of the menswear, but also much more advanced topics with different styles, or even the Fashion week.
It must however know one thing: this book is a springboard for your style and is not a medium that will follow you your entire life. As with any other media, it will serve you to learn the basics and master. Once this is done, it will be time to put it away in the closet and to test things by you even (or give it to your nephew, if he likes the male style as much as you).

But in the end, you just tell us why Jeremy?

Simply because at the moment or I write, we decided to fund the layout of this book (a real nice layout pro) by a Crowdfunding campaign! This is to say that it is the public, giving us a few euros, which helps us to fund this project.
In return, you can benefit from the book for pre-order but also of the makeovers or sessions of personal shopping at a lower cost.
It’s a good way for us to test the interest of our readers and let them enjoy this product without ruining that be it.
And of course, this book is independent of any advertiser in our usual on the blog: we have not seen a single penny to talk about the brands that we quote, these are really all we prefer and brands with which we like to share.
I won’t tell you more, and invite you to have a look at our campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank page: guide style in 59 chapters.