Mens Fashion 2011

After having celebrated in 2012, we now have a brand new stilår to look forward to. My before then we thought to do a less look back and pick out the highlights from 2011. From sporty to ultra functional jackets outerwear in baby cashmere.

This year’s men’s fashion–Boglioli. Interest in the distinctive product specialists just gets stronger and stronger. Perhaps the clearest example is the clothing manufacturer Boglioli whose dekonstruerade cut seriously changed our attitude to the jacket and suit as garments.
This year’s shoes-Carmina. Heavy duty shoe Nations such as England, France, Italy and the United States got the 2011 a serious contender in travelationary. Although this Mallorca-based shoe manufacturers still have no dealer in Sweden so it cannot be mistaken interest on different blogs and forums. It is only a matter of time before mark looking for the Swedish market.
This year’s webshop-Mr. Porter. 2011 put Mr. Porter seriously standard for how a modern webshop should look like. An impressive range of heavy fashion brands and interesting ones leaving together with a big bet on the editorial content is nothing to be desired.
Newcomer–Montecore. With functional and lightweight outerwear in stylish cut defines Italian Montecore the modern ytterplagget.
This year’s Sun protection-Garrett Leight. The son of Oliver Peoples founder have Garret Leight grew up with glasses. The inspiration for Oliver Peoples is hard to miss, but here in a slightly more modern.
This year’s inspiration-Military. Cargo pants, M65 jackets and camouflage-pattern has been a regular occurring elements in 2011.Italian Aspesi represents the style well with their functional and finely cut garments.
This year’s acquisitiveness-Loro Piana Baby Cashmere Coat. Buying an overcoat at the same price as a simple small car is the right crazy. Until you see Loro Pianas unlined double-breasted model in Storm System-coated baby cashmere.
This year’s jeans-Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1954 501Z. The hunt for the perfect jeans has finally reached its end. Perfect fit with high waist and slender legs in unbeatable quality.