Men's Fall Fashion 2012

Men’s fashion is moving cautiously forward. Updated cuts, new combinations and innovative materials. In today’s article was Manolo looked closely at this fall’s fashion and selected some trends that clearly characterizes the modern wardrobe.

There is constant if unlined and dekonstruerade jackets. Although the style does not preach to subside for a long time so now seems to many kostymtillverkare alongside the soft silhouette once again go for a slightly more structured cut. Still very far from the ‘ 80s wooden planks to kavajaxlar without something more sophisticated and a little more business. This from kostymmästarna Kiton.
Outerwear has in recent years largely revolved around functional materials and sporty jack models. For the season, the classic paletån go with the outer coat and become an increasingly important element. Perhaps the clearest example of that style pendulum started to swing, Brunello Cucinelli, which has long advocated the outerwear in the form of luxurious down jackets and coats, but for the Shopareview shows off a variety of classic cashmere coats in modern type.
Among the slightly sportier stretch nylon outer layer is a clear feature.The stretchable material allows an even narrower silhouette while compliance is strengthened. Here from Loro Piana.
The pattern image dominated the season of discrete överrutor in relative major scale. Often in classic kostymfärger that grey, dark blue and Brown. Here is an example from Italian Lubiam. The grotesque adjusting his has nothing to do with the image in General.
When Tom Ford for more than five years ago launched his fashion Empire under his own name brought Ford lives in a kostymideal with inspiration from the 30 ‘s and 40 ‘s tailored elegance. A detail that this a a definite uppsväng is single buttoned suits with pointy kind. Far from being the most wearable, but full of dignity and sophistication. Here from p. Johnson Tailor.
If there is any subject that evokes strong emotions among stilintresserade men so it’s legs. Of course there are no right or wrong, but generally dominate a slightly narrower and shorter legs fashion picture where the pants just when the shoes ‘ upper without any folds.Here from Belvest.
Even on skjortsidan appears very clear pattern. Especially in combination with pinstriped suits or jackets with squares in different scale. Here from Canali.
Autumn means stuck. A trend that has become increasingly more visible is to wear several layers of knitwear. As a thin cardigan or pullover over a heavy knit Cardigan to replace the jacket. Here from Della Ciana.