Mens Denim Trends 2016

Thank Denim: The Trend garment par excellence we experience every year our big surprise and we can see enough not easy! Jeans are male, robust and perfect with its casual coolness every street style outfit, but can just as much with nonchalant elegance and classic chic delight. A real all-rounder up! No wonder denim “Everybody’s darling” for decades and us from one year to the everyday decision decreases what is for now is to attract. If you are thinking when they see the title, having to give all jeans from 2015 clothing collection, but may breathe:
An absolute, no alternative trend as the carrot in the 80s, the baggy jeans in the 90s and the Bootcut in the early new millennium, there is no longer -a style dictatorship which wants to impose on us a certain trend dogmatic, was in favor of different, parallel running Looks abolished,
Currently you can, depending on your mood, individual taste or occasion between cuts Skinny, tapered, Slim, Straight or Loose Fit select and guaranteed uptodate. Washes and colors range from timeless plain dark blue over light stonewashed in discreetly faded Distressed to torn Destroyed styles that bring a special coolness to outfits, while the colors gray and black still popular evergreens are. Here’s our selection of your favorite looks:


Those who thought that skinny models would disappear so quickly as the shoegazenden Brit rockers that they had brought the mid-noughties on the scene, is mistaken: The tubes jeans are popular as everand have long been a classic blossomed. Because of their extra narrow section, which tapers towards the heels out, should be high top sneakers or boots are used because flat models extremely extend the walk and no one wants to look like hüftabwärts Sideshow Bob.


The Tapered (tapered = wedge-shaped) Jeans is a casual  development of Skinny and oriented as a hybrid of baggy and carrot jeans to the Italian “Paninaro” style of the late 80s. At the hips and crotch further cut something, she runs towards the feet conically without sitting at spack on the legs.Particularly streetstyle fans come for this look on their costs: the youth section can be combined with fashion trends as sporty shirts and sneakers combine wonderfully. Here but please avoid too paneled 80s-trash or ghetto-chic, but rather style contrasting with a casual jacket  and break the retro look.


Who to “fancy” place the tube or Tapered jeans, but would still be stylish on the go, find in the Slim Fit, the golden mean between skinny and regular: The narrow section running to hem out narrowly to and is located in the upper and lower leg region close to the body-but not too crunchy-on, so that the body acts sporty. Thanks to the modern, unobtrusive section which is particularly cool in discreet used look, especially casual leisure outfits with the Slim Fit will catch the eye.


The straight leg jeans is the true Universal Jeans : Straight dark wash it acts very elegant and is the denim jacket is the epitome of casual, while the classic-sporty cut opened versatile combination possibilities. The unemotional look makes them the right choice for men who do not like experiments: Comfortable and convenient it provides decades a linear optics, making it a true all-rounder. They should to baggy but not to non Stefan Raab Anti Pants competition do. Traditional leather shoes as Chelsea Boots, Derbies and Oxfords itself perfectly to this classic .


Fashion-conscious men are now looking into the distance:  After the pants were felt in recent years more and more closely, one is now countertrend recorded-in contrast to the crisp tubes now pay  more deep-seated, loosely cut trousers to the hip-hop fashion inspired XXL pantaloons the 90s tribute.Especially shades of blue are in this pants shape popular and get extra cool in raw denim and casual Distressed. But be careful : Too deep and loose-fitting pants but has a maximum penalty for all involved: your underpants (whether Calvin Klein or not) no one wants to see !
And now there’s no more excuses-in these models is guaranteed something for everyone!