Men's Country Hats Photos

Country fashion gained momentum in the 1990s. At first it was a style only worn by Americans, even though it was in the United States where such clothing was born. In the country, clothing is worn by people living in rural areas, such as the state of Texas. Here in Brazil, people who like the country style, use in rodeos and pawns parties, or even day-to-day on farms and sites.
It is most commonly used in field-related events. Besides the clothes, the style brings men’s accessories that are part of the model. The hat, for example, is an indispensable item for many Brazilian and international cowboys. The cowboy hat can be male or female, but little differ. The masculine is always more robust and imposing, not to mention the size itself, it is bigger than the feminine.
With some details, hats are getting different but different, but do not miss the model that has been successful for years in different countries. After the United States, Brazil is the country that most uses country fashion. Boots, belts, trousers and shirt form the basic look of a cowboy.
Over time new accessories are being created and fashion has been gaining new trends. There are hundreds of country hat models , from the most basic to the most different, with accessories and extravagant colors. The most common are: black and brown. The brown hat is the most traditional, the black came a few years later, when the style began to be valued also in the world of fashion.
At first the country style miss something bizarre for those who were not interested. With its great growth, the country has gained prominence in catwalks, between stylists and several designer brands. You can buy male country hat in specific stores in the subject, shops specialized in country clothes. Prices vary a lot, it all depends on the make and model. The simplest ones can cost $ 50. Already some models can exceed R $ 5 thousand.
The hats style country are successful across Brazil, especially in events where the countryside and the rural is taken into consideration. In states like Goiás it is more than normal to find sertanejos with the most different models of the hat. The following you check out some pictures male country hats.