Mens Colored Socks Trend

The pants were a little shorter in recent times and brought a new trend a lot of fun to the world of fashion: the goofy socks. At first, may seem strange, but are amazing.
One of the coolest things of this new trend is that you can forget the idea of matching stockings with belt, shoe, and invest in a younger look and relaxed. Worth betting on this new look to escape the basics without major changes.
In addition to this idea of innovation, has another very positive for the colorful male socks: they combine with basically all occasions and visuals. The only problem is they have very formal jobs. Maybe it’s not good if it comes to a meeting with customers with half a lime green. But, after that, it can use without fear.

How to use colored stockings?

Who is starting to invest in style with colored stockings, one of the great secrets is trying to combine with a neutral. This way, you don’t run the risk of overload in colors, but there are no major rules and tricks to combine the colored stockings.
They are a great visual experience and vary greatly within the personal style. With a few simple tips, you’ll understand better this style:

  • The visual with the socks is very famous in the pants of tailoring, but is also amazing with denim jeans
  • Whenever I wear jeans with colored socks, try folding the Pant bar to give a greater emphasis
  • The short guys can use tone-on-tone, with pants and a half, to give an elongated in the leg.
  • Brown shoes combine more with socks in dark tone, like Navy Blue, purple and green (dark, of course).
  • You can also bet on the socks with patterns always trying to follow the patterns with the pants and shoes. That basic tip to avoid combining chess with stripes.
  • The smaller and more discrete patterns are easier to match than the big ones.
  • The visual black with the sock is a great tip to create a simple and amazing.
  • ALWAYS choose the lighter colored socks that the other pieces of clothing. So, it helps to soften the look.

All these tricks are actually some basic tips of color combination and fashion. If you notice, there is no clear rule, but suggestions that help build a different look. For this, push your creativity in time to wear colored socks.
Let’s have some inspirations?
Various styles of socks and different visuals. This image shows how it is possible to combine the colored socks in a variety of ways. Smaller patterns are less flashy and more easy to use.
The brown shoes, especially when combined with clear pants are easy to combine with dark tones, as this half joining the Brown and pink.
Another example of brown shoes combined with dark shades. This is not a rule, but is easier to use than with the very light colored socks.
In visual all mounted with the marro, colored socks may be a bid to soften the look. Here, for example, blue took a break without losing the seriousness of style.
But, as itypeauto said, there are no rules. So, you can combine the brown shoes with colorful socks with large patterns and strong. This mixture was very interesting.
Another example of how colors can also be combined with the Brown. Here, he abused in the goofy socks and set up a visual that completely break the weight of the shoe and pants.
With the black shoes, it is much easier to use the goofy socks. No need to be afraid of the mixtures of colors. It is best to always use lighter tones to the rest of the visual.
Sports shoes also deserve to be combined with colored socks. Let that old white socks aside and invest in colors. Match tennis is a good idea, huh?