Meet Big Island and Trekking Pico Do Papagaio Dawn (RJ)

Ilha grande is one of the most beautiful adventure destinations of brazil. and we went down there to produce a very cool video to show you what i find on this islandparadise. watch the video. further down you will also be able to check various tipsto make the most of it.
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Main attractions
There is much to do in Ilha Grande. Below is the list of main attractions:
Half speedboat ride back on the island: you’re taken by speedboat to know the main points in the North of Ilha Grande. Includes Blue Lagoon, green lagoon, praia da feiticeira and some other points. There is a parade of about 1 hour at each point, for you to enjoy.
Boat trip around the island: A complete turn for the island, passing by all the main beaches. A parade of about 1 hour at each point, for you to enjoy and lunch break. A full-day tour. Tip: bring a light jacket, because at the end of the day the wind can be cold.
Pico do Papagaio trekking: a walk of approximately 7 hours (roundtrip) intense and challenging in dense forest, but with a rewarding. The most beautiful view of the entire island. The best time for trekking is from April to October because of the mild temperatures and lower risk of unexpected showers.
Stand Up Paddle: you can rent a surfboard stand up and enjoy the crystal clear waters of this river paradise. The point for lease is a village called Abraham.
Snorkeling: The clear waters of the Blue Lagoon and green lagoon are great to observe fish and corals. You can rent snorkel and flippers in Abraham, by very affordable prices ($ 10 in duck’s foot and $15 for snorkel, both for the daily). If you can,buy your snorkel and take to the island, because the hygiene of this material is quite debatable.
In Abraham, there are several tourist agencies (really are many), all offering rides and equipment. Enjoy your first day for options. Has for all tastes and pockets.
Almost all the beaches of Ilha Grande have some camping accordng to For those who enjoy the night sky, don’t miss the opportunity to go camping by the sea. Literally, you willwake up staring at the waves on the beach. Many of the camping areas have no fence separating the beach sand.
Tips to take advantage of big island
Take money. Few places accept credit or debit card.
Summer is packed with tourists. If you want a more fruitful experience, go in low season (autumn until early spring).
If you want to practice trekking, prefer the period from April to October. Temperatures are more appropriate, there are fewer insects, it rains less and has more chance of a clean time. The island has dozens of trails with various levels of difficulty. It is possible to give back throughout the big island just walking.
The trekking in the middle of the night for Pico do Papagaio can be done, but it’sbetter to hire a guide. We talked to the folks at Press Tour, we’ve done a great job. Gets the nomination.
The restaurants on the shore of Abraham has price similar to those of the interior of the village and (by my experience) has better service and food.
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