Measure of the Rings

Good afternoon!A few days ago I discovered that the Internet does not have enough information about the rings that are popular for the summer season 2016, that’s why I wrote a post related to that topic: ” Fashion Rings For Summer 2016″.
To complement it today, I decided to share some important information, which is related to the post I wrote.In short, today we are going to talk about the size of the rings and some tips for you to choose the ideal engagement ring.
Professional size determination:
The size of the rings are in the range of 15 to 23 in increments of 0.5.That is: 15,15,5,16 and so on.Usually women’s rings are 15.5 to 18 and the 16.5 is the most popular for women’s rings.
The ideal way to determine the size of the ring is to just go to a jewelry store and ask them to measure your finger . I also advise measuring it three times, since the size of the ring can vary depending on the time of day.
Never determine the size of the ring in the morning (the body still remains with water, so the fingers swell slightly);
After sports (swollen fingers);
During menstruation (swollen fingers);
If the weather is too hot or too cold;
You must measure it when you are calm and the temperature of your body is normal.
It is best to do it at noon, with a normal humidity and temperature.
Engagement ring size
Sooner or later comes the time when the man decides to end his life as a bachelor and ask his girlfriend to marry him.The main difficulty encountered with this important event, is not really a script to make the proposal, is to determine the size of the ring, since the groom should choose it as accurately as possible.
Here are some simple ways to figure out the size of the ring so she will not suspect anything:

  1. Bring the closest jewelry to the ring your girlfriend wears on the ring finger, so the seller can easily determine the size of the ring.
  2. If you remove the ring just before going to bed, washing dishes, cooking and other household chores, do not miss the moment.Put the ring on a piece of paper and draw the inner contour.The diameter of the resulting circle is the size of the ring.
  3. Do not despair if all the above methods are not appropriate or your girlfriend does not wear rings.You can also wear your fine leather gloves and the jeweler can determine the size.

I also advise you to read my post on how to choose engagement rings:” Choosing the engagement ring: make the right choice”.
Determining the size at home
To determine the size at home, you need about 50 cm of yarn that is thick.Take the thread and gently wrap your finger with 5 turns.Cross the two ends of the thread (without removing the finger) and cut with sharp scissors.Measure the length you cut with a ruler or tape measure.The resulting length in inches should be divided by 15.7 and the remaining value is the size of the ring.
Ring type selection
Before going to jewelry, the first thing you should do is study your own hands and determine what shape they have. After all, it’s not just about choosing a nice ring, it’s also about adjusting it ideally with your hand.
If you determine that your hands are narrow and you have long fingers , you are lucky, since you can buy the option you want.
If your fingers are large and the wrist is wide and luminous , then you can use jewelry with pearls and semiprecious stones in the center. Beware of smooth rings with minimalist style.
Women with short fingers should choose a ring with elongated shape. For example, the model “wholesaleably“, adorned with an oval stone with pointed ends. If you want to buy a ring with rectangular stone, then the stone should be as narrow as possible.
If you have small hands , there is only one tip: Do not wear large rings.