Meaning of URL

What is URL?

URL is the address of a resource available on a network, the internet or intranet, and means in English Uniform Resource Locator, and in Portuguese is known as Default Resource Locator (refer to

In other words, url is a virtual address with a path that indicates where the user is looking for, and can be either a file, such as a machine, a page, a Web site, a folder etc. URL can also be the link or address of a site.

A URL is made up of a Protocol, which can be either HTTP, which is a communication protocol, FTP which is a quick way to transfer files on the internet etc.

The format of the URL is defined by RFC 1738.

URL Shortener

A shortening of URL (or URL shortener, in English) is a tool that compresses many extensive links. Share links too big can be a problem, and for this reason, the dissemination of content online is easier when links are shorter. There are several tools that function like URL most widely, like TinyURL, Bitly,, etc.


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