Meaning of Signs on Plastic Bottles

Summer is each of us buys a day at least one bottle of mineral water, soft drinks, juice and others. Some of us drank and poured into plastic bottle of water. Thus often enjoy a bottle several times, which is not good for our health.
It turns out that a plastic bottle have certain characters that we can understand what kind of plastics are made, says Blitz. Different types released into the contents of the bottle chemicals with a certain degree of danger.
See what types of signs can have a plastic bottle:
These are disposable bottles that can release heavy metals and substances that affect the hormonal balance of man.

PET – this is the most commonly used plastic in the world. It is important to remember that it is disposable. If you pour water in such bottles often, be prepared that your body can fall alkaline elements and a large amount of bacteria that love PET.
This is very good plastic, which practically does not emit any harmful substances. Experts recommend, if possible, to buy water precisely in such bottles. And they are safe and environmentally normal because almost all plastic is processed. This is a hard type of plastic that is most commonly used for storing milk, toys, detergents and some plastic container.
PVC or V
Devices of this type of material removed is not less than two hazardous chemical. Both affect the hormonal balance.
This is a soft, flexible plastic that is used for the storage of vegetable oil and toys. It makes blister packaging for many consumer goods. Used for coating computer cables. They make plastic pipes and parts for sanitary equipment. PVC is relatively resistant to direct sunlight and weather, so it makes window frames and garden hoses. Experts recommend to refrain from buying timber products, if we can find an alternative.
This plastic is used in the manufacture of bottles and in making plastic packages. It does not release chemical substances in the water to store. But it is only safe when it is used for containers for water. Packaged products it is better not to buy. You can swallow not only the product, and some substances that are dangerous for your heart.
This type of plastic is white or translucent colors. Used for packing syrups and yogurt. Polypropylene prices because of its thermal stability and relatively safe.
Often used for the production of coffee cups and boxes for fast food. However, when heated releases dangerous chemicals. Polystyrene is cheap, lightweight, and durable enough type of plastic that is not hot food and drinks.
A PC or plastic without special characters
This is the most dangerous plastic. It is used for water bottles and food containers. Can be stored in containers made of polycarbonate food and water definitely should not. It releases bisphenol A – a substance that destroys your endocrine system and suppresses production of the hormone estrogen.
Specialists argue that we should not leave plastic water bottles in the car the next day to drink from them. In summer, the plastic is heated and removed more different substances in the water. Therefore, experts even advise to use glass bottles, which gradually began to return to our everyday life. They wash easily and can be used repeatedly.