MDR-XB910: A DJ Headphones Signed Sony Exclusive Fnac

Today, we discover a particular helmet, the Sony MDR-XB910. Particular to 2 titles. First because it is availableexclusively at Fnac, you don’t him find so anywhere else. Then by the identity of its Ambassador, the iconic rapper La Fouine.
Sony MDR-XB910 headphone is designed for DJs and urban music. It adopts indeed of great supra-auriculairesheadphones, mobile in the horizontal axis as vertical, and a broad and padded headband for the part in contact with the skull. The template provided for this test is of white and gray. It comes with two cables flat anti-emmelement of type bayonet of 1.2 m, with a button and microphone for remote communication, the other Virgin, taking and that’s it. The connectors are gold plated. The port is nice, very good insulation. So closed type, the MDR-XB910 adopts transducers at 50 mm dome. His weight without cord is 305 grams and it is completely collapsible.
Used with a Cowon Z2, the Sony soon reveal a restitution to the predominant bass, which will not surprise given the target audience. Listening to the album ” Don’t cry for hipster No. ” Ben Sidran confirms this orientation, with a slightly ‘clogged’ medium, a large serious and acute which, if it doesn’t get on the highest peaks, gets his place in the sound spectrum. On the piece of Zouk ‘ Sentimental ‘ to Annick and Anan, well known to fans of the genre, we find this sitting of the grave, enough physiological, and this acute light but present. Listening has a comfortable nice and giving the impression that the song is slower than usual.
This sound aesthetic is very suitable for the ‘ City 3000 ‘ piece on the Electro – Rap ElectroCypher compilation, even though they would have liked more dynamic and more extended an acute. Music seems like peaceful, which is here more sound personality of the defect. It will simply be taken into account when selecting your next helmet. Even felt listening to the title ” Dub me Tender ” on the album Dub Colossus, with a quiet side which fits perfectly with the philosophy of this record.
Typed so return one of the Sony MDR-XB910, which will be perfect for those who search a helmet to round rendering et to the grave present. In absolute terms we would have liked a slightly higher amount register. More suitable for lovers of urban music for audiophiles. Luckily, that’s exactly the target audience for Sony on this model.