Maternity Wear in Paris

You are looking for clothes for expectant mother cheap in Paris?

Maternity Wear in Paris

You can find permanents of their collection at prices as well as purposes of series and old collections up to 60% throughout the year! A real opportunity for the pregnant woman or the mother who is breastfeeding who doesn’t want to invest too much for pregnancy and breastfeeding or even seeking not expensive pieces to complement her wardrobe of mother-to-be.

Why this choice? Fashion MOM was already well represented in the East of Paris with the Bastille shop (35 rue de Cotte) and now Mammafashion also covers Western Paris with her new boutique in Paris 15th (10 rue Beaugrenelle).

“We decided to turn it into outlet Pont Neuf Paris boutique, located at midway between others, hoping that it will become an essential step for the mother-to-be who did his shopping in the other shops and which will have wants to get a last little pleasure with almost a piece! . Sara Panichi Fondatrice of the MammaFashion brand.

To buy cheap maternity wear such as pregnancy intimates, Bridgat of destocking for pregnant woman will become a must-see in Paris. You will find the same brands sold in other stores, the brands future mothers of qualities, which stand for originality and the technicality of their models. The best-known brands mother-to-be and breastfeeding include: Noppies, Anita, Pomkin, 9fashion, Cachecoeur, Clea & Co, Séraphine.

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The models will turn regularly and so every week there are new entries. Another advantage: If you leave winter in the Sun, you will find at Pont Neuf full of coins was that will now be found in other stores and if you go to Lapland in the summer, you will find coats of pregnancy during the month of August! To know the opening hours of the shop, go to the Shop MammaFashion page.