Marsala Accessories: Fashion Color in 2016

When the Pantone, North American Technology Center that dictates the colors that will be used, announced the color that will be trend in many were with the foot behind.
Marsala is the color this year, a wine with brownish tints that touches on the company’s own words: “enrich the mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.”
The marsala color is beautiful, but what the fashion lovers were in doubt: how to use this color in the middle of summer? The solution is simple! You don’t have to leave from head to toe dressed in marsala, bet on marsala accessories that will give your look air of sophistication, confidence and stability, what woman wouldn’t want to vent all that?
Marsala accessories
Marsala, inspired by the color red wine produced in the region, in Italy that, name the color, is an earthy tone that mixes shades of red, wine and Brown.
To rock with that tone in the summer, you can bet on marsala accessories. Enjoy and you can leave a small space separating in your closet, because next season can play head in looks with color marsala.
Marsala glaze
A trick to use this color in the summer is to bet on the color of your nails. Even though it’s summer, you can bet on strong tones and closed, after all always gives that little rain or dawns a cloudy day or you simply need a look stronger for certain occasions.
Bet on enamel as one of marsala accessories. You can opt for decorated nails, smooth and who knows even in an only child?
Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings
You can wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings as marsala accessories. That tone combines with either gold or silver.
For more solemn occasions, choose earrings longer and worked. Stones is a good option. Do not use necklaces with earrings long and with very bright or stones. Choose a point and call all the attention only to him.
The bracelets would prefer the marsala stones in small rings you dare with large stones.
The bag is an accessory indispensable to every woman. Small, large, medium, or large handles, no matter, in all of them fit everything that every woman needs. This item can also enter the list of Accessories marsala.
You do not need to use the entire bag in marsala color, if you prefer, you can choose to only some detail in color, even a locksmith.
Many women are in doubt in choosing the ideal bag. To resolve this problem just follow a simple tip: proportion. If you’re small, you can’t use a bag too big and vice versa.
On some occasions, you will need to use a bag big or small, to hit again, pay attention to the way you carry the bag. This can help disguise the size and leave this accessory in proportion to your body.
Even in the middle of the summer can use handkerchiefs is in the hair, as a belt or traditional form. The scarf is one of marsala accessories that can not miss in your wardrobe.
To use as a track on the hair, choose scarves thinner and with prints. If you want to use as a turban, prefer the wide. So, you can tie him up without getting escaping or leaving any part of your hair sample.
If you’re traditional or simply don’t like headscarves, can use it played in the neck or even tie it in your purse, so you give a touch of randomness, besides being on sets using marsala accessories.
Shoes are the passion of every woman! They are also indispensable accessories marsala are shoes, heels, sandals and even casual shoes!
With marsala any shoe is with eleganttouch. For day to day you can opt for sandals and don’t forget the classic pumps.
The shoes shiny, sophisticated occasion, are also allowed as marsala accessories.
With just a few accessories you go around dictating tendency with the color of the year of 2016.
To match your look with the marsala accessories bet on light colors such as pastels, beiges, white and nude. The little black dress is always welcome! But always keep in mind that marsala is a closed and can’t be combined with any tone. When in doubt bet on light colors or dark colors, such as gray, and black.