March 13: the Last Day of Support IE6 YouTube [Updated]

Various products and services Google, such as Orkut and YouTube, have announced that they will be disabling the browser support Internet Explorer 6 in the near future, but never gave a definitive date than ‘soon’. Today, however, this situation changed. According to an item in the YouTube Help session, the last day of support to the old Microsoft browser will be 13 March.

This does not mean, necessarily, that in two weeks and four days there will be a huge increase in global productivity in companies that do not allow the use of other browsers or who have not yet upgraded to a less defective version of Internet Explorer. Employees of these companies can continue watching the YouTube videos quiet and covertly within their cubicles. However, every two weeks, the following screen will be displayed before the video:
Users who insist on not upgrade, according to Google, can not take advantage of all the new improvements and features that will be available in the future because they will only work in modern browsers, such as Safari , Internet Explorer 7 or 8, Firefox and Chrome.
In the case of Orkut, a good incentive would lead to an upgrade in mass browsers would disable Happy Harvest application in IE6. You can find free, but I’m serious. [ArsTechnica]
[Updated at 15:05]: How well points Mashable, this is not the first Google product to have a certain date to stop supporting IE6. On March 1, Google Docs and Google Sites will no longer support the browser. YouTube is only following the same path. It is expected that Orkut is the next.