Makeup Trend Spring Summer 2016

The appearance of the hottest season in the year always comes with different colors to brighten up the clothes, makeup and decorations. And, the multicolor combines with summer in Brazil.
Which “tone” will be given to the fashion makeup of summer 2016?  Techniques, style and colors of makeup?
Classic style? Bold makeup? Focusing on the eyes? Light makeup?

On the runway of trends, it is indicated that what will be launched in the field of cosmetics, and if possible, there is something new or a revival of a style in makeup. The shows summarize perfectly the beauty of 2016. Many of these shows took place in 2016 and trends on shows begin to emerge now.
The webpage has chosen some of the makeup trends in summer fashion of 2016. Check out!

Blue eyes

The blue outline is a trend that goes back and forth. A few years ago it disappeared in the eye makeup and now, comes back. It symbols the face of the summer, sea, beach and beautiful water. Blue eyes plus smooth lips is a vibrant and joyful makeup.
It is more elegant to use more subtle colors on the lips when the eyes are highlighted in this way. And it works great, doesn’t it? So don’t miss the combination of colors. Start to have a  sheer boldness in this makeup.

Minimum and natural

Makeup without excesses. It is a trend that had already appeared in fashion a few years ago and it’s not going to end. This kind of trend is responsible for encouraging and popularizing the use of BB cream in the business of beauty, an excellent item to make the skin more natural. The focus is on the translucent skin that seems not to have makeup.
The most incredible point of this trend is to enhance the beauty of the real face of the woman, without using a lot of makeup techniques that change too much (at too many makeup parties). To end this, put on BB cream plus skin concealer. All without makeup.  Please note that this kind of makeup is more natural than the bold and thick brow.
Among naturally pale, tanned or naturalness with face, what is your favorite?
The important thing is to consider what suits you. Remember that.