Makeup Tips: My Current Top 5 Lipsticks

That woman is in love with lipstick, isn’t she?!
When I started the blog, I always opted for lighter shades, as natural as possible. Because as I have plumper lips, I was scared to dare a little in the colors and look like the Joker!
But as you started asking me to try darker shades, I ended up proving and loving! Today my little collection of lipsticks rules out of all nude and has colors ranging from Orange to wine, and use all, whether day or night.
So. .. How do you always ask me what color I’m using in a particular photo, I decided to choose my top 5!

My darling of time is the DIVA. It was one of my first lipstick from MAC, at the time bought with a seller on the internet and if I buy 3 lipsticks, the price was even better. It was my third choice and today is at the top of the list! He is a great option for those days when you don’t have time to perfect in the eye, or when the look is a little bland, you know? It’s just past the DIVA and ready: rocked! It has a very dark wine color and closed, with the Matte finish that is one of my favorites.
The most beautiful red in the world is, without a doubt, the RUBY WOO, that has a more intense and super deadly tone. It is super pigmented and very opaque, so a tip to facilitate implementation is to pass a balm or a moisturizer before on the lips.
Another Darling is the famous FLAT OUT FABULOUS, that was used by Bruna Majmudar and fever since then, I think he and I tried to review here on the blog by comparing with the Striking Pink of Eudora, remember?
The HEROINE has a matte finish and excellent durability as all matte lipsticks MAC. That I still have, but since the Dudu used on me last week, I was completely in love. It made a big hit on facebook and Urges of the blog and I’m wishing even more! lol its color is very exotic, a super different grape mixing purple with a magenta and pink. Although frightening at first sight (after all, purple lipstick is not something very common), it is super unusual and completely changes the makeup.
Finally, not to mention that I abandoned the pale of time, HUG ME is super wildcard to the moments of indecision or when we think that the eye is already too much and that we need to “take it easy” on the lips without losing the glamour. It has the finishing Polish that leaves lips look more hydrated, and tonality means transparent and with little color is kind of lipstick you can spend in the car, without even the help of a mirror, in short, it is the Jack of all trades!
And then divas, what do you think of my choices?
What is you favorite?
I hope you enjoyed it!