Makeup Red Lips and Eyeliner

The red lipstick is coloring many mouths…
Hollywood and the most famous celebrities all over the world are wearing red lipsticks. Therefore, be aware that red mouth is a classic in makeup.
It’s sexy, glamorous and chic.
There is a need to remember the great heroine of the movies, Marilyn Monroe. And what about the iconic pin-ups with red mouths? Don’t forget the famous burlesque actress Dita von Teese and the singer Gwen Stefani. It’s probable to think of many other celebrities if you are given more time to recall.

It’s a kind of makeup to accentuate and illuminate the lips. Find a proper tone suitable for the skin tone and any women can be stunning.
Maybe, women have never felt so free to use the color on the lips like now. Because fashion is used in the way you like, such as choosing what feels good or which can combine with the personality of individual. And, yes, women can be different. Why not?
The webpage brings 4 items for makeup with fundamental red mouth.


Moisturizing your lips is essential to rock with the red lipstick. The dehydrated lip causes the lipstick to be crackled with faults and affects the adhesion of the lipstick itself. This is an area of the face that is often forgotten in the routine of beauty.  You need to be made with a certain frequency, but not to be a slave to beauty. Moisturize your lips before wearing the lipstick, which also helps makeup process.


Do people need red mouths no longer? The primer helps to secure the lipstick and makes the makeup last for a long time. There are some specific primers for lips in the Healthknowing. The primer also helps to moisturize. Of course, those who already have face primers and don’t want to spend extra money on it can use this on their lips. After cleaning the skin to receive the makeup, apply the primer and wait until finalizing the makeup (except the lips). Generally, the makeup of the mouth is the last one to be made. In some cases, it is necessary to remove excess primer  of mouth with a napkin. If you don’t have a primer, it is not a trouble. Hydrating your mouth can be much more important.  There is a Portuguese brand, which is popular and with wide acceptance to moisturize your lips.

Mouth eyeliner pencil

The red lipstick is perfect in the mouth because of this power. The red lipstick without the eyeliner has an effect on the outline of lips and makes the lipstick blotting easier. The color of the eyeliner should be close to the color of the lipstick red as much as possible. Apply the eyeliner around the lips, by making and drawing (before the lipstick). A secret to makeup is to fill the lips with the eyeliner and then apply the lipstick. This makeup trick makes the lipstick last on the lips for more time.

Red lipstick

It is the star of the makeup. Apply it after the eyeliner. The mouth brush ensures a greater control when wearing the lipstick. People who do not have it, do not need to worry. Just apply it with care. One technique is to use the little finger to apply the lipstick in the center of the lips for the lipstick do not escape out of the outline. Remove the excess lipstick with a paper towel (or toilet paper). The lipstick mate sparkling usually have a greater duration than the common lipstick .
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