Maison Bais Campo Grande Ms

Light on the catwalk because there are so many luxurious, wealthy and lohan brightness to our eyes, in another editorial mega baphônico we prepared with the jewels to wear the top Mining Designer PATRICIA BONALDI. Guess where we ended up? Of course, at the MAISON BAIS, a good shop partner of Luxury hunch, which is always opening doors for our blog, showing first-hand news that gets into fashion party! Girls, there is no words can describe this post and wonderful dreams of consumption of any mere mortal. We are increasingly taradinhas, and we are climbing the walls! Hahahahaha …. All woman can understand us!!!
The designer PATRICIA BONALDI creates gala dresses with plenty of lace and precious stones, all hand-embroidered by his team of more than 500 embroiderers. His creations are so special that earned him a small space in stylish store dentistrymyth in London. It’s not weak, isn’t it?! Anyway girls, thinking of this holiday season, many marriages and, mainly, the graduations, we go to MAISON BAIS and we will help people who are in search of fascinating and suitable dresses in the party!