MagLite XL200 Flashlight Review

The XL200 US manufacturers Maglite is the big brother of the previous models XL 50 and XL100 and XL100 to the performance of the combine with the user-friendliness of the XL50. The LED flashlight has a range of 136 meters at a luminance of up to 172 lumens. The  Cree XP-G LED delivers here a very clear and extensive light cone and the aluminum housing fits comfortably in your hand.
The XL200 is (eg black, blue, red) in different colors and three cheap and readily available AAA batteries (included) powered by electricity. As on all MagLite products are also available on the XL200, a 10-year warranty.

Particularly impressive is the ease of use of the Maglite XL200. A switch can be made between five different modes:

  • a click – normal mode: The brightness is controlled by turning left or right. Special feature: The MagLite stores the selected brightness level automatically, so that next time no readjustment is necessary.
  • two clicks – Strobe: fast flashing, the speed can be adjusted.
  • three clicks – Nite Lite: After placing the LED flashlight dims automatically after a certain time and, after a movement just left alone to full brightness.
  • four clicks- Morse function: the XL200 is brought by rotation to the left or right to shine. Rotation back into the starting position on the light again.
  • five clicks- SOS signal: three short, three long and three short flashes again.

There is also still a lock feature available with which one makes the on / off switch temporarily ineffective. This is especially useful when the flashlight is stored eg in walks in a backpack or jacket and accidental activation should be prevented.
In our MagLite XL200 test, however, some may criticisms not remain anonymous.
Because on the one hand would be the missing wrist strap without a backup on hand or as backpack is not possible.
The short  burn time of 2.5 hours also appears at first glance dissuasive. By dimming the brightness, the lifetime of the batteries, however, can be significantly increased. But who expects excellence of its LED flashlight’d better choose a different model.
For a LED flashlight which should also be suitable for outdoor use explicitly also is windshield somewhat fragile fall and not interchangeable. A big advantage of LEDs is well known that long life, insufficient plastic piece like this can this advantage but quickly destroy.
MagLite XL200 Conclusion
The critiques detract from the overall impression just a little. The original purchase price of 80 € was certainly too high a bit, but the current offer prices of about € 40 make the Maglite XL200 interesting again. For an award in our LED Flashlight test it was not enough and our LED flashlights winner Garyflashlights P7.2  has been around for 5 € more. A solid LED Flashlight with small weaknesses and strong competition in its price class.