Mac Mini Intel ATX (USB Hub)

It would be a shame to waste USB ports that mounts in the front case. We can “extend” two of the rear ports of the Mini, but I think most successful incorporate a USB Hub inside the box and connect the front ports there.
The chosen one is a USB 2.0 4-port hub, acquired in Carrefour for € 7.90. This hub does not incorporate transformer, but have power input extra. Ideal to feed from the ATX source.
After verifying that the operating system recognizes as USB2.0 hub offered by, I come to open it for welding wires of the front ports on the box.
It is easy to know which cable goes to each pin. with a tester checking between the front connector and cables. In the hub different pins, can be seen easily so that after identifying the wires, we weld them directly to the pins.
If some prefer, rather than cut the wires and solder, you can ride these USB connectors and plugging them into the hub saving welding.
For the power of the hub, I used a cable of a spoiled fan, since it assembles the standard sources ATX connector, but I changed the PIN so instead of feeding on the 12V feed herself 5V. care, if the hub is powered by 12V it will burn. Other advice that I give is that between the power cord and the hub, you assemble a diode, to prevent crashes from the USB bus. I note this because after install, if the hub connected to a computer without having turned on the ATX source, the 5V USB port “circulated” through the source and to exceed the limit of intake, the port is hung. I’ve had the caution also mount another diode in the cable of the own hub, the 5V cable, to avoid the same problem. Adding the two diodes, the whole works perfectly connecting all kinds of devices, with or without the additional power supply ATX.
Each hub has a different form, so that you will have to decide depending on the shape of this location. In my case, and by chance, taking advantage of one of the screws that are mounted in the box, it is perfectly embedded into the left front side of the box, as shown in the photo.
So I screwed upside down because in this way the only thing that comes in contact with the box are the USB connectors. The led on the hub is underneath, thus avoiding that the box looks like a UFO:). If the Modding like someone, you can take advantage of this led.
Having chosen a 4-port hub allows me to also mount two additional ports in a PCI plate, taking advantage of the typical adapter using the PCs. The mounting system is the same. Identify the wires and solder them (connect) to the remaining two USB ports.
With this hub “I lose” a rear port of the Mac Mini, which turns into other 4 USB ports, with the exception that they share the bandwidth. As other three behind the Mini USB port are, these are ideal to connect keyboards, mice, pads, etc. To connect devices that do not require high transfer rates. Keep in mind that the Mac Mini does not come with neither keyboard nor mouse factory, and if one PC are acquired, they already occupy two USB ports.