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Lush SPA and My Favorite Products

The brand of cosmetics Lush is back to Brazil (yay!) and I was invited to meet your Gardens store and test one of your SPA treatments. Yes, lucky!
Last week I was there and remembered as a fan of the brand since teenager. I was addicted to the shampoo Chamomile bar, including with some flowers that mix the foam in time to wash your hair. Hmmmm … Fond memories of my hair Blondie!
After a tour of the store knowing the entire line of facial, body and bath line, I was surprised with the part of make-up and perfumery. The lipsticks are super pigmented and are worth it-especially the Believe, a very beautiful coral. Now, the perfumes … Ouch, Ouch. A case! They say you should find your perfume before the age of 30 and use it for the next 5 years. Anyway, I think I found my! I like uniqueness and Furze (still no sale by the site – which invites you to stop by the store and check it out!). In addition, Vanillary is too much for anyone who loves vanilla smell. Have in the version stick, which can be used also in the tips of the hair, as the spray.
Just to summarize what I ended up taking home: foot massage cream Fair Trade Foot Lotion, hair cream (crumpled effect) Dirty Hair Cream, lip Exfoliator Popcorn (tastes like popcorn meeesmo and leaves the mega mouth smoother), moisturizing body Vanilla Dee-Lite, special Christmas bar soap Yog Nog (the best scent I’ve ever felt!) dusting brilliant and discreet to apply on top of the cream or alone, perfect for festive looks First Snow. Yes, I know. Master consumerist! But I don’t usually spend on these things and really fell in love.
And where the most special, to the spa. The treatment they chose for me was the Synaesthesia. I’ve never done anything like this before! Are 80 minutes in which you forget everything and relax too. The best part is it’s all custom. What do you mean? According to the description of them: “have developed techniques that harmonize powerful inspirational words, songs and delicate fragrances to take you on a journey through your unconscious, providing a unique transformation.”
You arrive and are approved in a charming kitchen with colorful bottles, cups, massage bars and a blackboard with inspiring words. After you complete a registration form she soon inquiry “choose a Word from the Board that represent how you want to get out of here today.” Wow, that’s hard! I Chose lit. OK, next step. She continues:”without smell any of those bottles, choose some that also want to win.” And here I go breaking your head. I wanted to feel everything, well. But I opted for “much moreE light and happy”. Noted.
She about to prepare my little room and when I go … wow! Two flavours were chosen for the word I had chosen on the Blackboard (in my case, they referred the curiosity and courage) and another, so close where I would lay, the aroma to provide the lightness and joy. Hey, it worked! What a delight.
The massage starts with a specific soundtrack and colour-therapy to enhance the desired effect. The massage bar also has aroma and properties related to my expectation. The high point is when she uses hot and cold stones at the same time. There, hit miss!
Once the magic experience, a tea in the kitchen also with flavourings, sugar-free, warm, “cozy”. of mine , as a souvenir, a small bar equal to that used in massage, exclusive SPA. Very, very cool! I was willing to present all my dear with an afternoon of beauty and relax. Are several – check out all here.
Be sure to check out the shop and conchecer this special space in São Paulo. In this end-of-year rush, a good thing for Santa Claus!

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