Louis Vuitton Handbag Styles

On the threshold of its first 86 years, the Speedy Bag is still talk about thanks to a great talented history and passion!
For every house, for every great designer, there is one head, an evergreen that as soon as you can see is definitely understands what we are talking about big name. In our case the Speedy Bag is definitely the undisputed trademark of one of the largest and famous French fashion house Louis Vuitton! the story begins when the young Vuitton decided to become a maker of trunks, decision that, to date, could not have been better! After doing a good practice in a very famous shop in Paris of those years, he opened his first shop on Rue Neuve des Capucines , the first in a long line, revolutionizing the world of suitcases, inventing a new fool-proof locking system that He has turned into real treasure chests. It was not just what makes the great maison Vuitton: the trunk until then known, was reinvented and transformed from its original form to the round square. He was baptized Speedy , in honor of those travelers, globetrotters, who in the thirties began to travel in the world with a habit.

This fairy tale then, culminated when, at the death of Vuitton ‘s son Georges took over the reins of the house and not proved less capable of his father, inventing in 1897 the famous Monogram canvas that made ​​Louis Vuitton luggage in the first marking the right pieces as the outside. To leave no room for any doubt, Georges invented the famous five-digit lock which is intended to seal a historic brand, recognized around the world as a luxury brand, prestige and high quality craftsmanship. From that time until today the French brand has never stopped being a street and to talk about. Icons such as Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn and Tina Turner , han worn the speedy bag, which now come in five models: Speedy 40 , the bigger, the supersize size; Speedy 35 and Speedy 30 , slightly smaller, Speedy 25 , the perfect fit and the best-selling ever, and finally Mini HL , the micro version of Speedy suited to contain only the bare minimum. Today, among the numerous requests for suitcases, especially those vintage, unfortunately there is also the problem of imitation not the original. In every corner you see different models of Louis Vuitton, and it is increasingly difficult to distinguish the fake from the original. However it will not be this to stop the Speedy Bag that has “a history, a soul and a magic” that has lasted 86 years. The brand Louis Vuitton has decided to celebrate its it-bag with a mini film, shot inside the famous Parisian museum Lovre, a location at the same time full of history and beauty. to be a 86enne, we must admit, it is still a great wonder that ordinary women that the stars seem to not stop to appreciate.