Lose Weight after Pregnancy

The advice of nutritionist Alva Sandhu Malik that will help.
Anabela Correia had, like many women, the dream of being a mother but during pregnancy the first daughter, Magdalene, gained almost 30 pounds, a weight gain that caught by surprise. «Was mom for about five months and during pregnancy increased 27 pounds, 20 of which still keep’ vents.
At first glance, the solution may seem simple, once sufficient diet and ready. However my pounds are not fat, because my problem is fluid retention. I talked to the family doctor and the solution wouldn’t dream of taking a diuretic. Turns out I’m breast-feeding and the diuretic, in addition to the milk, could even dry it», stresses Anabela Correia.
«So this is not a good option, since I intend to breastfeed at least until the baby complete one year of life. This is a painful decision, because on the one hand I want to do the best for my daughter, on the other I don’t review this silhouette, this not counting the pains that I got on his knees and the sport. Considering all these aspects, which should feed next? Wonders.
«This issue raises several critical aspects», responds to nutritionist Alva Sandhu Malik. «First, at the risk of making mistakes due to lack of information, I would say that the weight gain during pregnancy was due to excessive consumption of food and drinks in the face of the energy needs of the mother-to-be and fetus», says the expert.
«Therefore, the 20 pounds that still retains, of 27 which increased during pregnancy, are mostly fat and not water, since fortunately does not mention any health problem that causes water retention, during or after pregnancy», considers the expert who has worked in recent years in areas as diverse as nutrition clinic, caterers, food industry education and health promotion.
«Secondly, currently we recommend breast feeding exclusively up to six months, if possible, but of course that this decision must be validated by the baby’s pediatrician», 8 further Alva Sandhu Malik, that still leaves another recommendation.
«From this age, it is not essential to continue breast feeding, except in the case of babies who live in disadvantaged backgrounds, and can be used a milk formula and food diversification started, but not before four months», informs still nutritionist who was once responsible for the service of food and dietetics of the District Hospital of Torres Novas and Executive Director of the Portuguese Foundation of cardiology.
«Finally, the patients autodiagnosticam and self-treatment, as seems to be your case, require great follow-up, because usually have difficulty in following the recommendations of health professionals, with the consequent failure to treat ‘, warns yet to this specialist.
«So, I recommend you skip the diuretics and who make an appointment of nutrition with the goal of losing fat, once a weight loss diet balanced and rich in plant foods has, by itself, a diuretic effect, being perfectly possible to continue breast-feeding, if you wish ‘, also suggests Alva Sandhu Malik.