Looks for the Holidays

Good eve to all, care bigodine! I can not believe it really be Christmas. Or rather, my mind does not believe.. But my body, yes! Eli and Ally, I need you: the belt tightens already and Christmas has not arrived yet! 
The festive occasions are lots in this period, too many. The pre Christmas Christmas dinner with friends, the pre Christmas Christmas dinner with colleagues, the pre Christmas Christmas dinner with family friends.. And while the risk of having to make a large nice shopping from “Change-size-due -panettone “even before we get to the new year. Not that I disturb that much quite a while ‘shopping (In this busy period of pre natal deadlines I only had time to eat … and bye bye retail therapy!) But, in short, the Pandora I dream also the night (and that nightmares!). And do not say that today is the outfit strategy to hide the bacon eh! This dress is super and has a particular story behind: yes because for my first Christmas dinner I wore an outfit with emerging designer pieces that Ilove! Ready?


Last week I started, as I said, the pre Christmas dinners. The outfit I show you today is one of those that I wore for one of these early dinners. I decided to wear a super chic outfits, played on white and black. Highlights were definitely two. The first is the dress in heavy cotton, double layer, created by a fantastic Florentine emerging designer, young, Veronica Mennelli. I decided to combine it with a statement necklace, the latter is also the result of the idea (and hands) of a young team to the female emerging, Egotique. I then added a shiny black clutch to match this jewelry, and a pair of black socks and a nice pair of high neckline.


For this outfit I wear: dress created by hand by Veronica Mennelli of Egotique necklace, Cinti shoes (Made of genuine leather, paid less than 100 Euros!) And a vintage clutch. What do you think of this outfit?