Looks Bold with Transparencies Inspired by the Famous

Not all women feel good to use looks with transparencies, even though it’s a trend that shows steady at stations.
Some women find that they cannot because they do not look good with your body, other think that doesn’t match the age and other have afraid to dare.
However, hit looks with transparencies can be simpler than you all think. You must use that value the parts you want to show and hide or disguise what is not so interesting.
To start separate several famous that use transparency and are beautiful with that value in the right place.
Check out some looks with transparencies:
Linda singer is with everything in place, but used panties tightening the abdominal area, ideal for those with some fat and black lingerie combined with a long transparent pumpkin color.
The same clothes could be used with intimate parts of the colour of their skin, but for those who want to dare the black is excellent.
2-Izabel Goulart
The model of Victoria´s Secret is well skinny and can dare, but chose a dress with transparency replacing hot pant by lining. It was beautiful, bold and is not.
The Muse of music decided to bet in a beautiful dress with transparent applications and black and purple feathers at the end of the dress, it was really beautiful.
The singer used her sensuality in a dress that shows the curves and values the hip, inspiring looks with transparencies.
4 – Rihanna
Already the singer Rihanna is very bold and still surprised everyone by appearing to enter a prize with a dress entirely transparent. the singer attended the CFDA Fashion Awards, known as Oscars of Fashion, with a model that left her breasts on display and show absolutely everything including the thong. Although beautiful, is a model that few women include in looks with transparencies.
5-Marina Ruy Barbosa
Already the young Marina used a beautiful dress that did not show much, but had swirled on top, halter top and a little transparency in the legs.
A beautiful model that can be used by women who want to raze in any event.
6-Preta Gil
For those who think women more curves and volumes cannot use clothes bolder, the looks with transparencies to chubby show otherwise.
You can be sexy and be super stylish and beautiful, as is the case of this look of Preta Gil. For those who think the transparency is too much, you can change the brightness of the dress for a more neutral tone.
7-Flavia Alessandra
To the ladies or women with a more classical style, Flávia Alessandra hit always in good taste.
With a dress a little longer, the transparency in disguise by lace appears below the knee and on the sleeves of the dress. The black model values the body, hides imperfections and values part of the lap.
The transparency can complete your look into small details, you don’t have to be very bold to be sexy.
A good option is the shirts of fabric, which can be used with a blazer, for example. Invest in looks with transparencies that you will love!