Longines Watches: A Great Gift Idea!

Have you noticed the latest advertisement of Longines watches? The one with Simon Baker as a testimonial, don’t let on that there I think!
Beyond the fact that the Australian actor does not pass unnoticed even if they tried, the fact is that is the perfect man to represent the elegance of Longines watches. And I dare you to deny it.

The story of Longines brand

That being said, did you know that the historic home of watches has not always called Longines. At first it was the Agassiz & Compagnie, named after Auguste Agassiz who founded it in 1832 in the Swiss town of St-Imier (French-speaking district of the canton of Berne).
Then how come it’s called Longines, you’re probably wondering. The idea was about Ernest Francillon, grandson of Auguste Agassiz, from whom he inherited the company and in 1866 he purchased some land at the edge of St-Imier, near an area called Les Longines – http://www.investtops.com/2016/05/10/tips-for-buying-pocket-watches/. The young Ernest leveled everything on brand development, creating a factory in which to combine manufacturing and assembling in a single integrated process. And always to him goes the credit for having associated with the new name of the maison the image of the winged hourglass.
Since then the brand has continued to evolve through new models that combine great aesthetics to a constant technological research.

Longines watches and sport

Longines has long been linked to the world of sport, first with scuderia Ferrari and now by timing all races of FIS and France Open tennis tournament at Roland Garros.
Do you think this vocation has ancient roots: Yes in 1933 the American aviator Charles Lindbergh in his epic flight across ben 47000 km had a wrist chronograph Longines specially created for that adventure!
In memory of that historic moment in 2010 the maison Switzerland relaunched the model Lindbergh’s Atlantic Voyage Watch.
Now, aside from the special technical features, it is a watch with an elegant aesthetics: the transparent case back reveals thel kept automatic movement. The diameter is 47.5 mm., in the trend with the size a bit big now in vogue. In addition add that the price is quite low, approximately 3500 euro.
For the uninitiated, Longines is a brand with a great price-quality ratio. Consider that in a price range affordable-around 1200 euros-you can find several beautiful Chronographs: cash finishes valuable and always with automatic mechanical movement.
For those unwilling to a Kronos and intend to spend between 600 and 900 euros, are interesting Heritage series Flagship.

The Longines for women

I know what you’re thinking: and for women nothing?
Rest assured, celebrating 130 years after its Foundation, in 1997 came the Dolce Vita collection to women.
There are a number of very beautiful and elegant models with stainless steel and Gold, also available with diamonds, all at reasonable prices. Do you think that the stones do not exceed 3500 euros and without diamonds we around 2,000 euros.
Longines collections have been enriched over the years always new models and the famous maison chose as the face a trio of players: Andre Agassi, Stefanie Graf and our legendary Francesca Schiavone.

Longines Conquest Classic

The latest collection dedicated to men is, in fact, that actor Simon Baker: Longines Conquest Classic, yet another confirmation of the brand’s aesthetic sobriety!
The price? For once, I don’t want to spoil the taste of surprise, but I assure you it’s worth a ride in a dealership Longines to appreciate the Live models. Maybe on the occasion of purchases for this Christmas!
I say dispassionately–and you know that I have no punches-, buying a Longines make a big choice: it’s a brand that condenses the values of Swiss watchmaking and this remains timeless in time. Believe me, it’s not cheap in the watch sector where there are (unfortunately) many fires of straw!
At this point you just have to explore why, as the slogan of Longines, elegance is an attitude. And let me know what is your choice!
By the way, if you happen to meet Simon Baker do give him my regards. Warmly, I recommend.