LinkedIn Starts Operation in Brazil

Although Brazilian users are already aplenty in the social network LinkedIn, just yesterday the company decided to translate the site into the native language of the country. LinkedIn in Portuguese has the same functions as the international site and from the last registered Brazilian users have received the option to switch to the new language. In total, it is available in 45 languages.
The announcement was made by VP of international relations Arvind Rajan, who showed some network functions in a meeting yesterday with bloggers. When asked if the company would open an office in Brazil in the future, Rajan was categorical in saying that it depends on the audience captured the site. The translation may have been the first step to create the need for an office, but now there is still not large enough audience to justify.
LinkedIn in Portuguese can be accessed at this link, but if you want more information and how to use the network advice, it is best to use this link.