Lingerie Inspiration

Hi girls beautiful, as were parties?!?! Wow, how we eat. hehe … Thanks to God!
Now start the schemes … afe!
Well, until we get into the rhythm “of the party that rocks the heart”, how about taking advantage of what today is Friday (o/) and enjoy our traditional Lingerie Inspiration post?!
Today I found a perfect shot on the net to show the beige lingerie doesn’t have to be “off-putting” how men think. Just you choose the right maternity underwear!
Let’s see:
Look how beautiful this set, it’s beige lace but with a middle income white together. Not for nothing, but our Beige this is so (not identical to this, but beige with half white). You can check here on the site, in our parts Guide, view the various models of beige or chocolate.
But this is just for you to see that depends on the beige that use, is very beautiful and sexy too, why not?! Even more for women so milky white. For Brunettes to black, recommend a stronger color, like a chocolate even, Brown knows?!I will do a post with a piece in this color after.
Good girls, good weekend, for those who are traveling and on vacation, good leftover fun!