Ling Ling Baby Carrier

If you’re fan of portage, the info has not escaped you, tomorrow comes out the first carrier preformed brand Ling-ling of love (LLA for respondents). And if you’re not a fan of portage, but you wonder what carrier choose for your or your children, stay with us, I’ll tell you everything!

Yes, because you see, I had the opportunity and privilege to be able to test this wonder (as it is said, I am announcing direct color huh) before the big launch. We have known each other for a little while now, and you’ll have noticed that between LLA and me, it’s a real love story.
But first things first: a preformed, what is? Well it’s a sling “backpack” to put it simply, allows to carry baby in front of you or in the back. The strap that passes on the stomach is equipped with a clip (unlike the family of mei_tai who are carriers that are formed), and straps slip as for a backpack, as I said (always unlike some carriers with straps to tie), which makes its very easy to use.
A preformed so all highly suitable for novices, those allergic to the nodes, the je-voudrais-porter-maisje-suis-pas-sur-de-moi, the parents of children who spend their time up and down the arm, dads who don’t like the idea of to wrap in a long scarf (I caricature, but I a specimen at home), finally, everyone what!
As with any means of backpacks, there are hundreds of preformed various different brand, with different attributes. Personally, I loved the P4. So, first, why choose LLA?
First, for their products. They are quality, durable, reliable in the long term. I’m in love with the proposed colours, who brought the Sun in my heart (Yes, yes I am in lack of vitamin D so I delirious a bit, should not be mad at me). I also thank LLA thought to parents of children at little common templates. OWL weighs almost 17 pounds in 2 years and a half, so as to tell you that for good number of carriers, the maximum limit of 15 pounds is reached. But not at LLA, who I find not one, but several models-including the P4-to be able to continue to wear the OWL, who is seeking!
Second, for the price. Unlike other brands, LLA offers carriers at prices really very interesting and made regular promotions. I was able to buy a maxi-tai to bring OWL around 50 euros in sales. The P4, is sold at the price of 79.90! A preformed at this price, it is already scarce but then a preformed at the TOP of the TOP, it is not found! Except at LLA.
Thirdly, for their positioning. LLA, it’s a small business, a story of love, family, travel and expatriation. I’m not militant to ATAC but I confess that the idea of supporting a small French box on a human scale (cuckoo Elodie) satisfying my passion for porting seduces me rather not bad.
Good, that it was for the part of Ling-ling of love. Let’s now move to serious things, ahead the P4?
First surprise by opening the package, it fits in a very small pouch to scratches. What extraordinary you say? Read well: “a very small pouch”. Savvy holders know. Like I said, there are all the country of the preformed, but especially big carriers, with large straps and big belts. Certainly, it’s comfortable, but flutain it’s bulky! Don’t forget if you intend to go out and about with, whether on vacation or to have just in case rainy for races or the Park.
In short, the P4 is really distinguished from all others preformed as I could see, try, touch, FINESSE and LIGHTNESS. In fact, in real life, I like not the preformed. Like that, it’s said. But the P4, good blood… In my eyes, he really has all advantages of this means of portage without the drawbacks.
As on the mid-tai of the brand, the apron easily adjusts in height, to be able to adapt to the children from a few months to 3 years (about, or 18 pounds). The seat can be adjusted also using an ingenious system of passers-by around the lap belt. I shook Max to see, and the seat is really tiny, so suitable for toddlers – from 4 months without any problems (or contraindications of course). I also wanted to see what the P4 was in the belly by installing my OWL of 16.5 kg. No worry.
Whether in portage ventral or dorsal, the P4 is easy and quick to install and adjust. Like almost all the preformed, the belt and Suspenders are resolved using straps. Note that the straps of the P4 do not have clips, allowing to open and close the straps as can be seen on the door I Physiocarrier my baby or the Ergobaby, but personally, I care, I’m never using.
Finishes are neat, which deserves to be emphasized, because for the price, we could expect to have to pass on the hood or blocks-strips suspenders and belt. However it is not. The hood is in my opinion a must on any carrier, whether in the case of mini-pluie, to protect baby from the Sun or to support his head is it when he falls asleep. The P4 is not huge, but it has the merit to exist and do the job. Plus, it is adjustable in length, folds and stows completely in a small pocket very discreet at the top of the apron, perfect! Blocks-strips are to scratch and that too, it is the foot. Oh, I see you coming “but what does cares block strips, shit?” And well know that no, cares not. I hate having 12 thousand things that attitude around. You can wear but we’re don’t have to look like a dying Christmas tree. Often these famous block-straps are elastic. Which relax and so are more useless after 2 days. Here, the scratch, it’s a detail, is fine, but changing everything!
I have not yet tested the P4 on “long” walks, but I can still say that we adopted him and that he now follows us everywhere. To accompany Bouchette to the crib, when going shopping with OWL and I have doubts about his ability to walk all the way, when I go to because with both and I know at some point I find myself wearing them, one and one.
I find it beautiful, practical, comfortable. In addition, a single carrier, so little bulky, easy to implement, allows me to bring my two kids to the sizes and weight so different, I say yes, Yes, and Yes!