Linen Outfits for Summer

What would the summer be without slightly oscillating, flowing and uncomplicated linen fabrics? Cooler handle, fine luster and natural structure! Whether chic or casual, whether morning, evening, whether at work or on the garden party: For every occasion there is the perfect canvas outfit.


It is easy not avoid: In the summer we have to pull ourselves together and sweating despite gorgeous weather in the office. But the morning in a chic and simple linen suit slip and simply look good-which can sweeten ourselves those days. Linen fabrics can super absorb moisture, but also proposed for this again. So keep our body cool. Elegantly dressed to be, yet not to melt in the sun, a Träumchen.


A suit made ​​of linen can on warm days as super Businessmode be worn. Biederbach? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Blazers are sexy and the “secret”-Tip in fashion. Simply fit always. From Italy enchants us this beautiful, airy LINEN BLAZER FROM GUCCI. Delicate Perlmuttknöpfe refine the great designer piece.
To give the whole a little style, accesses to trendy 70ies LINEN PANT BY ANSWERRESUME. Combined with the slightly fitted cut blazer, this results in a great eye catcher and your suit combo is not too strict, but embodies a relaxed lifestyle. A few things that you should consider her in the care of linen, learn it HERE.
Fashion-conscious ladies combine a solid-white shell for their Business Chic for bright pantsuit. To keep the outfit in a color family, exudes sophistication and effortless summer. The SILK BLOUSE BY VINCE makes long fit and side slots for a particularly sophisticated and refined casual touch.
The not for oversized handbag from Chloé namely (available exclusively in the fashion house) is for your many job Essentials too small, but so heavenly nice that we take them after work just directly into the City or to the next afterwork party. It harmonizes perfectly color to the cool CLOGS BY UNISA, thanks to high-Heel and noble Sandton are top suited to business without being stiff. Ladies, with characteristic rivets and wooden heel, may be losgeklappert.