Light Sources for Light Painting

After looking at Ledlightsclassified have occupied our little series on Light Painting with the conditions for optimal locations for light painting, we now take a look at our equipment bags and see what light sources belong to our standard.
If we chose a subject and an image idea for it, this is combined with the optimal location already a very good foundation for a light painting recording.
But without the necessary lighting tool is nothing and the night remains black and without light.
But what is one of the basic facilities and which are really good tools?

Flashlights – the nuts and bolts at Light Painting

When we write here of flashlights, we mean mainly the modern LED flashlights.
They are light, very energy-efficient, highly luminous and superior to the outdated halogen flashlights with their hot yellow light bulbs far.
The LED flashlights, incidentally, the same applies as for the tool. Who buys cheap, buys twice. Even if there are many tempting offers that are only a third of the price compared to one of the top LED flashlights, these lights do not even keep most a third of the time, which makes the top model for triple the price. So the saving is just here completely out of place.
Let’s start in order to choose the right or the right torches us. Yes, you read correctly. The right flashlights – we write on purpose in the majority.
With flashlights in light painting it behaves exactly like – caution cliché 😉 – women with shoes and photographers with lenses!
You can never have enough of them have, and there are far too many for very different applications.

Our basic equipment

We are mainly LED flashlights two companies used.
The products manufactured in Solingen LED Lenser the company Zweibrüder Optoelectronics and originating from the US led flashlights company Fenix ​​.
We mainly use the so-called Tactical-Lenser, which can be switched to different modes. This can be of different bright steady light SOS flashes up to strobe light different types of light or lighting functions by switching.

Small flashlight for small objects and ornaments

First of all, we need a small flashlight, the smaller objects can illuminate with which we can paint lettering. Here we use several different LED lights.
The LED Lenser P4 BM is a small LED flashlight, similar in shape and size of a ballpoint pen. To draw to write a name or to smaller ornaments in a Light Painting, she is perfect.
The luminosity of only 18 lumens may not be very bright, but just adequate for these purposes, as they are not faded. The headlight is as high as 25 meters.
The beam can be focused and thanks to operation with two AAA batteries – we use this battery – is achieved a battery life of 8.5 hours.

Coloured effects for Light Painting shots and the illumination of large areas

Another highly recommended LED light, we have always with you, is the Led Lenser P7QC.
The chameleon of LED flashlights has a brightness of 220 lumens, light up a maximum of 60 meters and a maximum of 25 hours.
The 4 different colors can be changed during operation.
This LED light is our constant companion – red, green, blue and white light are already the foundation to provide in different light painting recordings for color effects.
In addition to the normal and dimmed continuous light it also has a flashing or strobe mode.
Another enormously strong, small flashlight, which has an output of large caliber, is the Wolf Eyes Nite Hunter. It has a maximum range of 381 m and a maximum of 827 lumens.
The Wolf Eyes by Nite Core has a quite phenomenal and exceptional feature: The light cone can be when zooming on a rectangular cone Set (unlike other flashlights that all have a round spot).
The advantage is that it is possible to illuminate with this small and compact but very bright and durable LED flashlight with a long range light for a very large areas and long distances, on the other hand but also targeted at small and square adjusted beam finer corners and edges of objects and can illuminate square.
Through a little manual dexterity, some color sheets and a seal from the hardware store can be used for this LED light with little time and money, a paper manufacture, which allows you to operate the lamp in different colors.

Power for the illumination of backgrounds

To illuminate backgrounds, you need more power.
In this sector of the powerful flashlights there are immense differences in quality and just such price differences. Whereby not always the most expensive is the best.
We use two different large flashlights. Led Lenser X21.2 and Fenix ​​TK75.
The Led Lenser X21.2 can be focused, the beam can be changed. The light, however, can only be operated with 3 D-cells.
From Operation with accumulators is not recommended in this model. There are also models thereof, however with integrated and rechargeable battery, however, these costs then again twice the purchase price of the X 21.2.
But the X21.2 has to offer with a luminosity of 1,600 lumens and a beam length of a maximum of 600 m with an operating period of a maximum of 100 hours so a lot of power.
But it is huge not only from the light output. With it can be a burglar not only bring to blindness, but can it therefore also equal yet slain.
In the Fenix ​​TK75, but is still more luminous, you can not fix the light cone, it has a fixed focus, but confident of significantly lower price compared to X 21.2.
Powered by 4 rechargeable batteries 18,650 it is a very efficient and useful light, which is mainly used for planar illumination of objects and designs for us.
Here can be again with a little skill and some colorful foils Color Papers create to illuminate objects and faces in different colors.

Colored and transparent diffusers

For many of the LED lights additionally clear transparent or colored diffusers or bowling offered.
Thus one can reduce the light scattering and achieve a softer and finer light.
These diffusers also that you like can create an orbit so exciting Light painting characters or Light painting objects worry.

Practical carrying case

Without flashlights goes as I said nothing. Therefore, one should quickly begin to create a collection.
And precisely because rapidly accumulate very many flashlights, we place many different, smaller transport packaging for each flashlights up with something completely different.
Thanks to a large, dust- and waterproof camera case with cube foam is perfect to have all its LED flashlights that are always needed and at every performance there has, well protected, orderly and clearly sorted handy.
Each LED lamp is here well fixed and clearly sorted. So is a proper light for any purpose always quickly available.
That’s only once for today. In the next blog you can learn then how you can create with light painting special forms.