Light Hearted Windows

After three heavy metal, T-Mobile now offers a MDA Smart phone in your pocket. The MDA compact measures little more than a conventional cell phone and has more on the chest still partly as his chunky predecessors.
After the MDAs I to III, T-Mobile now provides a handy alternative. Also the MDA compact features a touchscreen, works with Windows Mobile 2003, fit 108 x 59 x 19 mm but comfortable in the Pocket.
The format is a current series 60 model of Nokia. The Smart phone with Windows operating system could be really dangerous competition from Finland. The packaging is true, especially since the processing high-quality works also on second glance. Learn how to beat the MDA compact in everyday life and in what areas he proposes the numerous Nokia competitors, on the following pages.

Phone And Multimedia Functions: Green Photos, Good Sound

Camera, games, and music: Who wants to have something for the Kurzweil in his pocket, is well served with the MDA compact.
Camera and MP3 player
The camera take photos while 1.23 megapixel resolution, takes time to raise and save the recordings but barely three seconds. And the quality of photos can not completely convincing as the examples in the gallery show. The shooting in artificial light show a distinct green tinge. The camcorder function captures movies with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, only the least mobile phones can do this. The Windows Media Player plays MP3 and WMA files, allows you to create playlists, and sounds quite well through the included stereo headset.
Save the music, best to an SD or multimedia card (MMC). For files and programs, the MDA compact offers about 50 MB free space. Applications or games, the Smartphone in addition to Windows Mobile applications accepted also Java programs.
Phone features
While Windows Mobile PDA functions shows no gaps, traditional cell phones offer more on the subject of phone features often. Therefore, T-Mobile MDA compact has blinged with additional applications. So, you can use voice dialing or group functions, and assign a photo and a custom ringtone to contacts. We missed only environment profiles. The MDA compact can be set to the but comfortable vibration alarm switch to the volume button on the side.
Data functions
While MDA III wireless LAN offers the big brother and the first series 60 Smartphones from Nokia support fast data transmission via UMTS, content of MDA compact with GPRS. The maximum 53.6 Kbps range for receiving mail and with a little patience you come also through the Web. The connection to the PC via Bluetooth or infrared. The fastest and most comfortable way is BB´s with the supplied USB cable.

PDA Features: Pocket Outlook

In half a minute, the MDA compact in the test being well 1,000 contacts from Outlook. So quickly and reliably no Smartphone operating system works with a Windows PC.
Outlook 2002 provides by the way just T-Mobile and the MDA compact recreates the almost identical in mini format.Address book, calendar, tasks, notes, and even the message function for the sending and receiving of SMS, MMS and E-Mails already visually reminiscent of Outlook.
Also copes of the MDA compact with the most important Office documents. Word and Excel files can be create or edit.You can at least view PowerPoint and PDF documents.
Thanks to a fast Intel PXA272 processor with a clock frequency of 416 MHz works the MDA afloat and all programs without delay. Here the Symbian Smartphones from Nokia can not keep up.

Practice: Two Hands Asked

The well crafted instrument is due to the compact size easy to handle. A plastic frame with spokes around the MDA ensures good hold.
Facts & figures
A keyboard is missing, but has the generous and brilliant display (240 x 320 pixel, 65536 colors) the more space (43 x 58 mm). Despite the large display, the MDA in the battery test delivered good values. The Smartphone held out a continuous talk 3:33 hours.
The matte metal gives a fine appearance the MDA, the processing is high quality. One weakness: the battery lid can be opened very easily in our test device. In addition to the spacious five-way control and the phone keys, the MDA compact features four quick start buttons, you can assign any functions. The Smartphone can be difficult operated without the good nine centimeters long PIN. This is one of the shortcomings of the MDA compact: you need for convenient handling both hands.
Many works much like on your Windows PC. The pen replaces the mouse, hold the stylus on the touch screen the right mouse button. Instead of a desktop, the stand-by display lists upcoming appointments, tasks, messages, and the most important functions. With one click, you can operate the Smartphone well in landscape mode. The MDA compact can be quite intuitively operated with some Windows experience.Otherwise, the comprehensive manual, which is however somewhat cumbersome and sometimes also difficult understandable written in many places helps.
In the acoustic test disappointed the MDA compact. Whether on the phone or on the landline phone on the other end of the line: the remote station sounds unnatural and little present. The intelligibility is suffering even a little. The same applies to the very quiet free speaker, which can be use in a quiet environment.

Conclusion: Handy, Fast, Quäkig

Rarely, we felt the trade-off between convenience and possible display so successful as the MDA compact. The equipment leaves little to be desired. The sound is the greatest weakness.
The MDA compact features a 1.23 megapixel camera resolution, an ordinary MP3 player and better thanks to additional programs such as language choice Phone features as one expects of PDA-phones. That the PDA functions the Windows Mobile device quickly and reliably work with Outlook together, it was really clear.
In contrast to his big brothers, lies the small MDA due to its compact housing very well in the hand and offers a better display than the series 60 smartphones by Nokia. The Operation Pen works reliably, but requires the use of both hands. Unfortunately, the MDA compact in the acoustic test failed.The callers sound quäkig and little present.
The PalmOne Treo 650 sounds better, has a full keyboard, but something less facilities. Instead of using Windows Mobile the Treo works with Palm OS, and it costs hefty 720 euros instead of 520 euros.