LG G Flex: How Much Can It Hold?

The flexible and self-healing Mobile will be subjected to the ultimate test. Watch it here.
In a new video will be LG’s new flexible cell exposed to a little of each. RatedRR stands behind the video, which they call a toturtest. Here is the man behind RatedRR, Richard Ryan, tested how much LG G Flex really can stick to.
Watch the video, where the shoot-happy (or mad) American presses LG G Flex to the utmost and both scratches, bows and shoots (!) the new phone.
The conclusion is, among other things, that even after having bent LG G Flex in a degree, which certainly has not been the manufacturer’s intention, in fact, the phone still works.

Heals hardly again

LG G Flex also gets a few more general comments along the way.
-“The curvy body [at G Flex] works in the beginning as a gimmick, but after using it for a while, it just makes sense,” says Richard Ryan, inter alia in the video.
Flexs abilities as “self-healing” gets slightly tougher words on the road.
-“The self-healing back are really just marketing. […] The phone can withstand mild, tree, but in the simple “drop test” I made, kept the phone back actually worse, than any other device I have tested, “he concludes.
LG G Flex holder even said not to be shot.
On the RatedRRs Youtube channel you can under Tech Assassins view a wide range of multiple gadgets be destroyed.