As you know those who have controlled me on Twitter a few days ago I published that on receiving the last bright sweets prepare an entry talking a bit about what I use to light my photos and today is the day … so … we the mess. the first thing to know is that the light can distinguish two main groups (warm or cold) easily by color. we called warm light to those lights that emit a yellow color, usually are flashlights with filament bulbs ( the lifelong, so we understand) as its name indicates, we convey a feeling of warmth in the scene. I usually use the lot to illuminate rocks in the foreground and also to paint the “models” that ever introduce them. Mini Maglite AA flashlight small and easy to use. Its high density bulb krypton (LM2A001 type) is powered by two AA batteries. Its low power makes a great ally to illuminate objects in the foreground and figures. The only fault I find is that the stream of light is uneven and depending on how focused we create a shadow in the center of the jet that can ruin the shot. Its price is around 15-20 €.
Ultrafire M5
flashlight medium sized, equipped with a LED brand Cree and type MC-E that emits a powerful warm light (4000 ° K by the seller) and powered by a battery 18650 is ideal for filling objects at any distance (without going over remoteness). The manufacturer claims that its power output is 700 lumens, but I think not even enough long, still has enough power. Its price is around 18 €.
3D Maglite
flashlight strong but easy to use. The two batteries of Type D feed your bulb (LWSA301) of krypton.Medium / high power, the first thing that strikes is so underpowered it seems at first, but is ideal for illuminating distant objects thanks to the possibility of concentrating its light jet. We can also use it without reflector as a “candle”, ideal to hold in hand as a torch and achieve an effect browser in some shots. You can also use it as a cudgel if the night is complicated lol. Its price is around 28-32 € on topschoolsintheusa.com.
Called cold light those lamps that emit a blue or white. They are usually used flashlights xenon bulbs (about 6000 ° K) of these are few and see. The most common are riding led the already popular thanks to its small consumption (eye, not all) and great autonomy reaching 100,000 hours.
Led Lenser M7R. (Rechargeable) Flashlight medium sized with possibility of concentrating its light jet about 220 lumens. Ability to control its power, makes it ideal for illuminating objects both short and middle distance even getting good results squeezing their potential to illuminate objects at long distance. Its LED type high power is supplied by a battery of type 18650 Li-ION 2200mAh and 3.7V that give it a range of about 20 hours (somewhat less according to my tests) Its price is somewhat higher and is around 140 €.
Led Lenser front H7R2. (Rechargeable)
Indispensable to move freely around the locations, leaving both hands free for climbing, hang or whatever it takes. Has a powerful Xtreme Power LED series powered by a 3.7 V lithium battery it is able to launch a powerful beam of light of 300 lumens. It has a simple control system luminous flux from 5 lumens in its most tenuous way to 300 at full power. Like M7R, also it has a system power management SLT (Smart Ligth Technology) that lets you select different modes of battery management mode (constant discharge or energy saving mode) and different light modes using a single pulse system. Its price is around 90 €