Led Pin Base Lamps Ledon and the Noble Light Dwarfs

The new G4 and G9 pin base lamps by LEDON offer decent quality of light despite compact dimensions. You shine even slightly rounder than it promises the nominal angle of 130 degrees.
You can discover lots of junk and questionable products in finding small G9 high voltage – and G4 low-voltage-LED Retrofits. They are intended to replace stromfressene halogen pin base lamps, but usually much larger and still dark. Finally LED chips and heat discharges must be accommodated here – such as the major variations with E14 or E27 screw Sockets lots of electronics components. Also the light color and cone of many cheap models make the friends of “warm white”, round brilliant Halo light rarely happy.
If then still premature partial or complete failure of the light dwarfs happen, also the last bargain hunters know: the only remaining advantage of this ‘ no-name ‘ lamp is its price. Who attracts the exclusive criterion for their purchases, must now stop reading and look back on “eBay”or “Alibaba”. The two LEDON LED pin base lamps in the test cost namely whopping 10or 9 Euro – nothing to discount customers.
Both the solid construction with white ceramic case is common (in the original data sheets ‘Metal’ is incorrectly) and plastic lens system with inverted cone at the top, the missing dimming, the “warm white” color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, the color rendering index RA 80, the EU eco-label A + (in the picture left the wrong statement “A” on the G9 packaging), the half value angle of 130 degrees, a very good rated life of 25,000 hours of light, as well as 100,000 switching cycles and color consistency among six levels of MacAdam Ellipe.
There are significant differences, but the size and brightness of the two new products – we start with the ‘Goliath’ under the LED lighting Dwarves from ListofledLights:

The G9 high voltage Marion

With 56 mm total length (including contacts), 18 mm maximum diameter and 16 grams of weight is the 3-watt/G9 high voltage lamp “made in China” significantly larger and heavier than comparable light 20 Watt halogen-“Bulbs”. To my amateur instrument in an open test version she started with about a half-second delay, remained absolutely silent, 2.8 Watts electrical power factor of 0.85 after two hours continuous operation and moved hot at the hottest spot moderate 53 degrees.
The base sits a module with six LED chips, the officially 170 lumen luminous flux radiates upwards. The brightness is through the cones at the top getreut partly reflected. The result is a butterfly-like light leg with several main beams, ranging in the opposite direction, as my light image shows:
That of not so round radiant as G9 halogen lamps, but should be sufficient for most standard applications. When Matt light covers light through the additional diffusion will occur fairly homogeneous and around you. The total brightness is in any case subjectively rather at 200 lumens.

Some color faithful as specified

You must make any major concessions in the light color and color fidelity. The official 2700 K are believable, the nominal color rendering index RA is likely understated 80 (see carton and label links, Download pdf of the data sheet). Spontaneously, I would have typed using my default color fidelity image below on about RA 83.
On demand, a company spokesman told me that LEDON internal measurements for both PIN base lamps would have actually arisen RA 82 and 83. Anyway, like my sattrote Ducati 916 in miniature against a white background from (“cloudy”, without post-processing white balance):
The Red playback is decent; the yellow orange coloration typical of “warm white” bulbs;an unpleasant green or blue tint is not noticed. The look on the display of the camera reveals a constant light without the smallest flicker also – here, also extremely sensitive eyes are not irritated by stroboscopic effects.

My test result:

Sufficient, flacker – and flicker-free brightness, lighting quality and efficiency as well as exceptionally long life, healthy balance of temperature and maximum retrofit capability are massive trade-offs in such small LED lamp shapes. LEDON has obviously found a good middle ground you however also must pay dearly with Just 10 euros.
You can expect while nor dimming as the mini dimensions a G9 halogen lamp. For many tight housing, the new LEDON pin lamp may be too long or too wide. Where she fit, she can up to 85% save electricitybut without significant loss of comfort.According to my calculations, it achieved an energy efficiency index (EEI) of 0.15 and may therefore adorn themselves with the EU eco-label A +. That LEDON specifies only “A” on the package, is a mistake that is seasoned by the company and should be corrected in the next batch. All rewarded my new LED rating scale with
three stars.

The 12-volt intimate lighting

Much of what you have read in the test above, also applies to this G4 light by LEDON. With only 42 mm long, 13 mm in diameter, 7 grams weight and officially 100 lumen luminous flux of 2 Watt everything is smaller here but a number.But need a Low voltage driverthat swallows some performance in addition to the operation.
You have two options in this case to the selection: A transformer, which produces 12 volts AC voltage from 230-Volt household current, or one with 12-volt DC voltage on the secondary side – the LEDON pin lamp can withstand thankfully both. The driver should be however LED suitable and no high minimum load need (Download pdf of LEDON recommendations). In my experiment, that looked for example:
This “Optotronic” OSRAM supplies a constant voltage and remained quiet – such as the lamp – absolutely. After the turn, there was no noticeable delay; the measuring instrument attested 2.7 watts total power consumption at a power factor of 0.42. Since low-voltage LED lamps in principle have the optimum factor 1, may push completely the reactive power the driver in the shoes – to the approximately 0.7 Watt idle power.
Slightly more economical an OSRAM “Halotronic mouse”presented itself-Trafo(pictured left) with AC voltage and 0.6 W “Standby”-consumption. Together with the lamp that went to 2.8 Watts ‘ up – at a power factor of 0.85. The “bulbs” for AC is actually somewhat power hungry, which indicated the package data(pictured below right, Download pdf of the data sheet) to buzzed the driver quietly before him – he did but also on its own and had nothing to do with the LEDON.

Still, “cool” and not very bright

She remained completely silent and quite ‘cool’ with maximum 40 degrees on the hottest housing site in continuous operation. What little heat of the reduced electronic of ballast is discharged well obviously the ceramic shell; the four mini-chips of the LED module in the upper part of the base provide no additional problems.
Scoffers will say now: “Where da also heat to come – at only 100 lumens?” Is true. On the other hand, the housing dimensions are so small that no place for sophisticated cooling concepts will remain but. Also the lens optic is extremely compact with only 5 mm length and still get a similar “Butterfly” lighting image such as the much larger high-Volt-sister:
Especially bright may not imagine that – especially in the 0 degree line upward the inside top of the lens cone ensures a noticeable vignetting. There are more light after below and to the sides. Again applies: the official, quite narrow half-value angle 130 degrees reveals not the whole truth.

You know the color of light from above

The light quality is largely identical with those of the G9 variant, such as my default color fidelity image shows:
The camera showed here no flashing or flickering, but had a little trouble with the exposure control and produced more noise and “Grain” because the low brightness.The photo reflects the actual impression still quite well. The LEDON LED light subjectively very reminiscent of (weak) halogen light, for it but only about one-fifth of the Halo’s electricity needs.
The energy efficiency index calculated by me is 0.16 – under 1.1 correction factor for low voltage lamps. That’s enough EU eco-label A +; for it so it is also in the data sheet, while emblazoned on the packaging of my test copy unfortunately once again the wrong statement “A”.

My test result:

The low-voltage halogen-“Bulbs” should not have more than 10 Watts, which replace through the LEDON-G4-LED pin lamp “made in China”. Their light ranges namely solo rather for intimate twilight games for real lighting purposes.
It looks different of course lights, in which you five or more of them can fit. Then it will be really expensive:Less than 9 euro per piece are really an exaggeration for LED lit, especially since you need still an external driver. After all, no one asks at only 100 lumens probably after the (non-existent) dimming.
However, the above-average light – and material quality, fairly wide beam, the long life time, low hit Centre winding, the AC/DC tolerance and the relatively compact dimensions are available on the credit side.Probably you have with the G4 lamp of rare space problems as with the G9 Variant. Given the special challenges this mini form I get times benevolent of mynew, strict LED rating scale
two and a half stars.