LED Mirror: Design and Functionality in the Bathroom

When you need to decorate your bathroom, don’t pay attention only to the usefulness and functionality of an object, but keep an eye on even the appearance. A perfect example is the LED mirror, have you ever used in your bathroom?
Let’s face it, often with regard to style and design the most neglected of the House is the bathroom, is where we focus especially on the usefulness of furniture and accessories.
So it happens that we are interested in the proper operation of the fitting, the important thing is that you have good health, and for the mirror as long as it is just the right size. Simplicity and practicality are a choice, but why not also bring a touch of design in this room?
In recent years the field of bathroom furniture evolved paying closer attention to the aesthetics of important and necessary objects, taking care of the look and feel without neglecting the practicality in this room is critical.
The small details make all the difference, why make it cozy and pleasant environment can really change the perception of this room.
In short, the substance is important, but you can also have fun with the attention to detail of the décor.
The Mirror is the Detail that You Lack
Not only modern and elegantly designed taps, now the bathroom décor also passes through one of the main elements that characterize it: the mirror.
In this regard, have you ever considered installing a mirror for your bathroom?
Forget the classic idea of the traditional mirror with lights in the form of old bulbs: the bathroom mirror evolves with modern features, technology and interesting, renewing with his presence in any room.
What is the Mirror to LED?
According to foodanddrinkjournal, the LED for bathroom mirror is a must have if you want to have comfort and utility but without sacrificing the appearance of bathroom furnishings. It is able to combine the need to reflect the beauty of modern models that you can find for this type of mirror.
But let us try to understand what is meant by LED mirror: this is a special mirror in which are integrated of LED lights that replace the traditional bulb lighting.
Proper lighting to highlight your face in the bathroom is essential, both for precise finish while shaving for him, that for the details in the make-up of her, not to mention the need for perfect hairstyles worthy of a hair stylist.
In short, the mirror in the bathroom just did not help but for personal care, but also the lighting plays a key role.
Why LEDs?
LED mirror is a modern solution that, besides the aesthetic beauty and unmatched features, can bring you considerable advantages compared to the forms of the past, such as:

  • High light output thanks to the presence of LEDs
  • Long lifetime of LED
  • No overheating as for traditional bulbs
  • Uniform illumination
  • Long efficiency at 100%
  • Lower consumption than the old solutions
  • Saving in economic terms

In addition, the skilful positioning of LEDs along the mirror provides lighting at the same intensity at various points of the face lit up, exploiting the reflective effect of the mirror, with a lower energy consumption.
LED Mirror Touch: Technology in Your Bathroom
But with changing times and technology evolves, cannot change the essence of the basic pieces of furniture like mirror.
In this regard, the simple mirror technological capabilities and is enriched now wears modern, such as some models that predict the presence of USB Sockets – useful to reload technological devices – but also portions of magnifying, or a system of LED-lit as turning on and off at the forefront as the touch.
The mirror LED touch, in fact, allows you to turn on or off the light needed with just a touch of the surface, without the need for switches of sorts, with a gesture as simple as it is functional.
By implementing touch-sensitive sensors, so you can turn on the LED light provided by passing his fingers on the mirror: a really useful when you’re in the dark and you can’t find the button to turn on the light!
Offers LED Mirror
But what about the LED mirror what is the price?
I already know that, talking about all these new technologies and modern you might be questioning the cost, since often the optional bumps up the price and not a little.
Don’t worry about overspending: If you wish to place a mirror in the bathroom of your House LED, try to take a look at the offerings in our catalog.
You will find different models of reversible mirror LED from that you can install both horizontally and vertically, with a frame that hides the LEDs and running along the whole profile of the mirror, not to mention the particular reasons drawn on the mirror that will create a pleasing effect when LED lights.
Depending on the type of model you choose you will encounter different costs, but you can take advantage of our discounts to bring home a mirror LED from 100 euros.
Are you still undecided?
You just have to consider our proposals to choose the model that’s right for you, taking advantage of the unique opportunities that you find on out site.