LED Lighting In Offices

The future has been made present with LED lighting

We are seeing how our environment is changing thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by new technologies and one of the main responsible is LED lighting that combines innovation, design and   sustainability, perfect blend to use in our work environment. LED lighting in offices is already a reality that allows to create pleasant and efficient spaces in which to work is not so hard.

Having a good lighting as described in illumination types in the workspace is fundamental for the performance of employees, not only is there a large amount of light but also the quality and   good distribution of it. Failure to have proper lighting can lead to mental fatigue, visual fatigue, headaches and even muscle fatigue, stress, lack of attention, discouragement and of course the risk of falls.

For a company the main objective is to obtain results. But how do you get to them? Through the employees, that is why it is essential to take care of them and offer them a comfortable working space. LED lighting is the great ally for these cases and we can find it in many different formats that allow us to also play with the design of the office.

We can find LED lighting designed to provide a uniform light that favors no shadows. This type of general lighting is placed above the line of sight, normally installed in the ceiling either recessed,surface 0 or suspended . Depending on which one we choose we will get one type of lighting or another, if we place it on the ceiling the light will be more direct, unlike if we do it on the walls. Keep in mind the computer screens and avoid reflections by placing the lighting at the maximum height or distance possible to make it more diffuse.

It is advisable that in addition to general lighting is played with a spot lighting that offers light concentrated in a specific area. In this case it is important to know the location of each job to provide the ideal amount of light for the activity performed by each employee. There are two types of focal lighting , in suspension with a closed angle of light and through a flexo. Although it is advisable that the projection of the light is lateral to reduce shadows and reflections.

In sensaled you can find a great variety of LED lighting formats that incorporate your office or workspace, always through quality products and at the best price. We invite you to visit our online store and follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter, where you can find wonderful offers and promotions.