LED Filament Bulbs with Affordable Introductory Price

Many consumers mourn you always still behind, the “good old” light bulb. Often, they forget that she was a very beautiful energy hog not so good, but in truth—especially compared to LED lights. Finally, there is now a solution that combines the best of two light sources: energy efficiency of LED and the beautiful light of a light bulb.

LED-Filament Lamp-The Revolution Of The Retrofit Lamps

With their dimensions, the glass bulb filament, LED filament bulbs look like the original by Edison. Only that their filament rows micro LED consists of dozens. Thus they need solittle energy as a modern LED lamp, have an equally long life, are not hot, butimmediately bright and are free of pollutants. In addition, have through their construction of all positive features of the classic Edison bulb filament bulbs and donate a warm, pleasant light.

Light From The Bulb With Much Better Efficiency

The warm white light of the filament LED reached a colour temperature of 2700 K and is thus ideal for the living room, according to listofledlights. Also the color rendering or whose naturalness is RA this lamp model in the range of 80.
At the same time, the design angle problem was solved with the LED immediately by LED.Conventional LED bulbs emit their light semi-spherical only upwards. The LED-filament lamp has a angle of 300 degrees and thus completely lights up.

Unpack, Screw, Turn On

Filament lamps are retrofits and can be screwed accordingly just in the base version, in the case of our model into an E27 socket. Because function and design at this LED in the foreground, it is simply kept simple – without elaborate heat sinks or visible electronics. Cool is about a special filling gas into the piston while the electronics in the base remains hidden. Thus there is also no fit issues with existing lamp Sockets. The 4 watt LED light bulb is suitable for operation on 230 v.