Learn How to Protect and Take Care of Your Cuticles

Common good around here, the habit of taking the cuticle, can compromise the health and aesthetics of women, because, although a lot of people don’t know, the cuticle has an important function to protect the nail of the entry of micro-organisms and chemicals, so removing it completely can cause infections and even distortions in the form of the Dystrophies nails. In other words, how is the extension of the first layer of the epidermis, composed of dead cells and keratin, the cuticle covers the origin point of the nail, keeping the region protected against the action of external factors.
So the order is … Moisturize, moisturize and hydrate! Especially for those who want to stop removing the cuticles. Today there are already on the market specific manicure products, such as creams, waxes and even pens cuticle moisturizers narrowing, which make the skin becoming thin and easy to be pushed. And know that the more the pliers is used, faster and thicker it grows.

Well, now that you know how much your cuticles are important, learn three ways to take care of them and have hands of Princess all the time:

1-When the cuticle is removed, it can be inflamed and even bring a bigger problem, as the appearance of white spots, so the trick is to keep the place always nourished and who can’t stay with the extra skin can push it gently with an orange stick, towards the base, without hurting your hands.
2-Another tip is to use the reducer cuticle creams commented, he’s the new darling among the most vain, being able to reduce the thickness of the film and fight that sloppy look when she is growing. Best of all is that in the market there are specific products for those who decided to stop the removal. Are pens moisturizers, waxes and creams gears, which make the skin becoming thin and easy to be pushed.
3-Use gloves to do the washing up is also a hint of gold, as well as being used to pass moisturizer after that activity, so will keep your hands nice and healthy.
3 Nails decorated models
4-Push lightly your cuticles while showering is also another tip to leave the region of nails always renewed and away from dryness.