Learn How to Make Bed for Dog

Accessories for dogs are high in the market, more and more people buy more items for your pets. All this demonstrates the affection and care that people have for their pets.
For the dogs that tend to stay at home and you don’t want to keep him on the couch or your bed, a great option is to buy a dog bed or rather you can make this bed for your pet, the bed can also be used for your cat.
The cool thing with this time of crisis, you may be doing this to sell, you can have an idea of price to make dog a bed the size “M” which is the best seller, you’ll spend around  R$ 25 real material and can sell this bed by R$ 55 reais, with this you will get profit R $ 30 reais per bed.
And the dog bed is very bullish on the market, then you will be able to sell easy. If you can sell 30 beds per month will get an extra income of 900 reais, is a nice add-on in these times of crisis.
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How to Make Bed for Dog or Cat
So let’s go for it and make a nice bed for your dog or cat, to start making you will need the following materials:

    • A fabric (of your choice)
    • TNT (or a fabric of your choice to line the pads)
    • A fabric for the background
    • Silica fiber
    • A zipper
    • Needle
    • Line