How to Dress for Summer

Summer is a time where everyone should have fun. The days are long, we have Sun, and the beach is not called. It is the season appropriate to embrace your natural beauty and bring new trends. I leave here some tips to look beautiful in the summer.
You don’t apply too much makeup
The important thing is to take a very natural look almost as a kiss of the Sun, using little makeup accentuates your natural beauty instead of subtracting you attention.

  • You can start with some light Tan mineral powder or a moisturizer with dye. Apply as needed, according to wholesaleably.
  • In the cheekbones apply your favorite blush, always have to qualify.

Use a good shade of color

  • Eyelids have to apply a bronzed or Golden to get shadow to the brow. When you’re getting higher you must use fewer shadows.
  • Use balm to moisturize and protect your lips, and you can also use a fresh coat of mascara that is water proof.

Use sunscreens
Own a lobster skin not will be favorable and not healthy. You should also avoid tanning beds, because they cause cancer. Take Sun bath is good, but you should always use a sunscreen with SPF of 15-30. With this product you will avoid irritation and skin cancer.
Avoid damage by heat in your hair
To ensure that you will have a very natural look do not use curling irons and hair straightener, because the texture of your hair can possess a streamlined appearance. So, embrace your natural gifts instead of changing them.

  • For the popular beach in your hair, full waves a bottle of water and a teaspoon of salt. You wet your hair, either with a shower or manually, but never brush you. When the now-almost-dry hair, apply the mixture and Stokes your hair with your fingers. This home trick works best if you take in hair. Leave it to dry naturally.
  • Styles of hairstyles that you can also wear are: dishevelled horsetail, dancer high onion, twisted at the sides and loose braids hair. The look you choose has to be beautiful and should not need much effort.