Learn How to Decorate Balancing the Energy in the House

Very popular in Brazil, the Feng Shui helps balance the natural energies from a space. Take care of the House with the […]
Very popular in Brazil, the Feng Shui helps balance the natural energies from a space.

Take care of the House with the Feng Shui 10 tips to balance the energy of your home according to the ancient Chinese therapy

Architect and Director of the Brazilian Institute of Feng Shui, Maria Teresa Saldanha gives some tips to help home energy flow and, consequently, improve the quality of life of those who live on site.

-Organize, clean and get everything that is stuck or broken. The physical disorder influences on mental and emotional disorder.

-The position of the furniture is important. Fix them so that, while sitting or lying down, it is possible to look at the door and the window. You should not turn your back to the stream passing through.

-Note the position of the table Office and the head of the bed in the room. They should not be leaning on a wall next to a bathroom or near a sewer pipe. “The sewer has a very negative energy, harmful, because what goes through there are leftovers and the energy field of the body can absorb,” explains Maria Teresa.

-Stay tuned to electromagnetic load to which it is exposed at home and at work, for that is not excessive. Unplug electronics that are not being used and not sleep with the phone on the nightstand.

-Keep all the environments still well-lit and ventilated.

-Prefer houses with fluid shapes and without many corners. “The more stable is the shape of the House, the more stable is the mind of the people who live on site,” systematizes Maria Theresa. Broken forms generate energy dispersion and instability in the minds of residents.

-When doing a project, avoid placing very doors and Windows aligned, because energy tends to accelerate and the spaces are “empty”, bringing a sense of solitude to the people of the House.

-Avoid strong colors and many mirrors in the rooms. These should be cosy and quiet environments. – Value always curved shapes and soft. “Corners divide things. If the bed of a couple is facing a corner, they might start fighting. ”

-Have a plant in the bathroom is advisable, because “she absorbs the negative energy and cleanse the environment.

Feng Shui in the kitchen

The kitchen represents the food and prosperity, and the area of the House that need more attention. Air, water and food we don’t only provide nutrients essential to life, give us your energy and how it flows in a single space.

In this way, we can understand the importance that some people give the form to the place where meals are prepared. Since your surrounding energy becomes a vital factor to the health and well-being of the individual. Upon entering the kitchen, should avoid that your look is driven toward the stove or refrigerator. Ideally, these two appliances should not be side by side, even if, for that it is necessary to separate them with flowers or plants.

In fact, the stove must not be glued to the dishwasher, to avoid a conflict between the elements of fire and water. Search put it towards the center of the House, in order to keep warm. This is a representation of the element of fire, which attracts success. The dining table is a symbol of family togetherness. Look further to have a mirror in the kitchen, no matter how small, favours the multiplication of food always. As a conclusion, avoid discussions in the kitchen, especially if you’re in the kitchen. Can flood the food with negative energies and, consequently, pass them to you.

Some tips for a kitchen with good energy

* The stove is responsible for the prosperity and is considered the safe house. Always keep it clean. The better the your point, greater prosperity – be it material, intellectual, physical, emotional or spiritual. Must be always clean and spotless; all the burners and the cooktop must be working well and no garbage around him, is anti-prosperous. Avoid using the same mouth of the stove. Use all. Do not place the cooker on low beams, because they cause pressure on the head of the Cook.

* If the bathroom door goes directly to the kitchen, make sure that the stove be in the same direction (front or lateral alignment). Check what’s on the other side of the wall where the stove is leaning. If there is a bathroom or sewer pipe, all the energy the stove will be drained. The most practical solution is to take the object of this alignment.

* Keep your kitchen clean, tidy and beautiful. After preparing meals, you should immediately clean up. Remember that garbage is stagnant energy signal and the kitchen is a place of wealth, so empty the trash always. Avoid placing it next to the stove.

* Whenever I have visitors at home keep the kitchen door closed and avoid taking them there. * The kitchen should receive as much natural clarity.

* Let many foods in sight, have a fruit bowl full, even if the fruits are artificial. * Use transparent jars, so the food will be visible.

* Use and abuse of the magnets on the refrigerator door (especially with images/shapes of food, fish, etc.) Avoid having the Bills stuck on imams and in plain sight.

* Abuse of natural flowers and plants (Sunflower arrangements or red plants, for example). Flower pots are welcome. Prefer natural ones and change the water every day if you use any artificial arrangement, watch out for that are always well cleaned.

* Put a picture of the whole family at the site of the kitchen you like.

* Avoid discussing in this environment, especially when you’re at the table, eating or preparing any food.

* The environment must be fresh and airy. If you have poor ventilation, use an exhaust fan. If you don’t open all the Windows that power.

* It is essential that the cabinets and shelves are trimmed and cleaned.

* A wall clock from aceinland is useful and grace, but prefer the round-shaped, because the curves are more harmonic.

Learn How to Decorate Balancing the Energy in the House 1

Learn How to Decorate Balancing the Energy in the House 2

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* If the mouths of stove point to the direction of the entrance door, is a sign of luck to the House.

* Avoid filling the stands with ornaments and utensils. Let the free site for you to cook no mess.

* Nothing in the kitchen must be broken, or the energy stagnates. Make sure the valves are in good condition.

* Save on red tone in time to decorate, because it is a color that opens the appetite. (if you pay attention, this is the favorite color in decoration of restaurants from fast food …).

* Prefer light-colored walls and furniture, next to white.

* Dish towels, aprons, curtains and accessories should also be pale. The best locations are the cuisine of East and Southeast as these provide an energy tree that in addition to enhancing growth and development, create harmonisation between the energies of fire with water. The worst are: Northeast as it is very unstable; the North too and cool; and South by be fire in excess that may favor the risk of fire. If one of these is your case, do not despair because there are “cures” that can apply:

* The North use power elements tree (green, blue, vertical and slender forms and plants) to stimulate energy, drain the excess water and harmonise it with fire.

* Northeast use to stabilize the stone materials and energy must also add metal elements (pots and stainless steel cutlery for example) to harmonize the energy Earth with water.

* The South use plants and tree elements to harmonize the water with the fire and should also put earth elements to drain the excess fire (plants in clay pots or charcoal would be a good suggestion).

* Southwest metal elements shall be used to harmonise this energy Earth with water. This area once cured can become quite harmonious as it is directly connected to nutrition and as such the family food.

* West as in Northwest it is necessary to heal the environment by introducing elements of Earth energy (low, wide, black color, yellow or white) in order to bring this metal energy to fire.