Leaked: Check out the Cool Features in Sony Sirius

On top of the leak of specifications on the upcoming flagship mobile from Sony, there is now a list of the many new features.
Yesterday we could on our site tell that more specifications on the Sony Sirius leaked, and now is the same source ready to tell, what are the cool features we can look forward to from your mobile. It can be seen at Xperiablog.
The images that page shows, is taken from the device, which admittedly is running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. However, it is expected that Sony Sirius, as mentioned earlier, will come pre-loaded with Android KitKat.
4 k video and Timeshift
Your phone will be able to shoot in 4 k quality, which for the time being, it is quite large in screen resolution.In addition, you will be able to record with the “Timeshift Video” with many images per second, and subsequently be able to add slow motion effect, which we already know this from iPhone 5S.
New display options
Sony Sirius will get a kind of “glove mode”, which Sony previously used in other devices. You will also have the opportunity to adjust the white balance on the display.
The “Smart backlight control” must, as we know it from Samsung Galaxy S4, keep going when you’re looking at the screen
Smart call handling
Also on the hands-free movements sounds to Sony “borrows” of Samsung’s innovation. The “Smart call handling” must make sure that you can answer calls even without touching the screen directly.
Away the screen by dobbelttap
Just like we know it from LG G2, and Sony’s own Z tablet, so will Sony Sirius could comes to life if you tapper 2 times on the screen.
Phone part gets the answering machine function
The software shows that the phone gets a special cell is similar-function integrated. So far it is not known whether this function has special functionality in addition to being able to answer calls.
2 Launcher to choose from
In addition to the Xperia Home, as we already know from Sony phones, so will Sony Sirius get a “Simple Home” feature, which simplifies the look for, among other things. older.
More options in push notifications and status bar
“Theme” function in settings has now changed to “Xperia themes”. This means among the customization capabilities have been enhanced. In addition, you will, in the same way as iOS, can customize push notifications from different apps you have installed.
You choose the default SMS app
In the best Android-style Sony Sirius will be able to give you the opportunity to choose the SMS app, you want as the default on the cell phone.
Whats new-feature
The software also shows a new “Whats new” feature that is activated by swype up from the bottom of the display. Just what the function does is hard to say, but perhaps as an integration of a kind of “HTC Blinkfeed” which you can get quick access to.
There are also several images and descriptions of small tweaks on the Xperiablog page which you will find here.
Are you interested in the upcoming Sirius-mobile from Sony?