Le Sabot Shoes

Listen Listen…. This spring / summer they return the Sabot!! I know, many of you shudder just to hear them mention and sincerely I can not blame you! For those who still did not know them are called Sabot all those shoes that have discovered the heel and free, can be décolleté, sandals, boots, clogs or slippers, the key thing is to have the heel completely exposed!

The problem, at least for me, is just that… the heel is one of the most difficult parts of the body to be kept in order because, between dehydration and tight laced shoes, always runs the risk of having a heel not just aesthetically beautiful, indeed preferably to keep super secret! With sabot, however, it must be put on display very often risking seeing horrendous standing around!
However, one must admit that, on rare occasions, the sabot may also be a very elegant shoe (of course I speak of décolleté or slippers, no clogs or boots … for those I see it really hard).
One of the clearest examples of how the sabot, if chosen with taste and matched well, I can be absolutely glamorous and elegant is definitely Carrie, in Sex and the City wore very often clogs both sandal version and a mule version (of course Manolo Blanik or Louboutin, needless to say).
But we must say that not all we are Carrie Bradshaw and we have certainly not her dream wardrobe with which to mix the sabot at its best, so if you do not feel ready too, avoided and no regret!
If you’re the daring or you really love this type of footwear, you’ll be pleased to know that many are the brands that have nominated them for these summer collections, primarily Miu Miu that brought them also on the catwalk, then followed by Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang well as various low cost brand such as Asos, Aldo, H & M and Zara for running footwear!
If you are looking for then you will surely find the most suitable model to you and I beg you, eye to matching!