Launch Guys Blogs + Lux

As you might have noticed the bar there and up and a few posts on my instagram, the Findings are now network “Guys Blogs”. I was super happy with the invitation of a vehicle of this size in call me to join your team, which also has several other blogs that I love.

For the official launch of the website, yesterday rolled a amazing lunch at Casa Fares to celebrate this new project, with menu signed by Lu Zaidan.

You must agree with me that the process of preparing for an event or photo is always very good. I for one, love it! Thinking on the clothing, accessories, jewelry or bijoux, make, hair … When I have time, I’m looking for references to always test new ideas and some styling trick or different beauty.

Another my mania is to leave some beauty products reserved for special occasions, you know? Different scents, touch the skin help to create a “festive mood” to boosts my self-esteem. Live speaking here on the site about this your time, to care and to “remember” to pet. This is super important.

Yesterday, during the event, just discovering the new line of soaps of LUX, our brand partner, who changed their products and became even more sophisticated. This new generation brings new formulas, perfumes and a more modern and sophisticated, beautiful packaging makes all the difference. Hello, the team that also buy the packaging.

The new line, which leaves the skin soft and fragrant, was drafted with floral extracts and essential oils that make a film of moisture in our skin. They also had a whole watch the fragrances that promise to please different profiles of women. As I like the milder fragrances, I found some that I liked a lot. It’s always good to have available several about whiffing and select one that goes better with your day.

This partnership between the Lux and the network Guys Blogs made everyone freak out, because at the end of the event we were presented with a beautiful jewel case filled with unique products and a bathrobe. Needless to say, I loved, right? Worth knowing.

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