Latest Winter Sweater

The mountain sweater, it’s one of the big trend this winter. Here are three ideas to wear in everyday life, and not necessarily in front of your fireplace!

The jacquard sweater, this is one of the key pieces of this winter 2014-2015, with the mountain trend. Installed in recent seasons in our closets, it is sometimes considered difficult to wear, since very casual.
Well Yes, the big warm knitwear, or even the Christmas sweater may be difficult to accessorize, and it is often worn for its comfortable and convenient, and not the style that he can clear. But as all the clothes, it may very well be diverted to be worn with a variety of looks.
Here is a selection of three looks to be associated with mountain sweater, that won’t you think to an outfit of holidays in the snow (Jean Claude even if spotted).

A sweater in the winter with a casual look, but not too much

The casual look, is one that is the most obvious with this kind of clothes. But you can very well stay in a comfortable look, while making it trend and even sharp, choosing, for example, to wear with a khaki parka, black pants and boots with heels some.

  1. This gives you a casual look, but not A white sweater, lovely and comfortable, New Look (€22 instead of €29.99)
  2. A parka Khaki,very trendy in recent seasons, Pull & Bear (€ 89.99 instead of €119.99)
  3. Jeans black, simple, but still tendency, Monki (€35)
  4. Boots with a small heel, to extend your leg, H & M (€39.99)
  5. A tote bag, always practical, Lazy Oaf (£ 10 or £ 12.60)

The diverted through a rock look Christmas sweater

The Christmas sweater, is that we wear with humor, but that one is not always (it rhymes, call me Baudelaire). You can indeed SLUMMING it it a bit by putting it on with a perfecto and coated Leggings, but also with boots and a rock bag, all to create a cool, sharp look, and always in this offbeat style that we love so much!
too, perfect for those who like comfort and style:

  1. A jacquard sweater, very friendly with his side retro, Pull & Bear (€39.99)
  2. A perfecto, the rock mantle by excellence, Forever21 (€46.50)
  3. Coated Leggings, a very rock piece as Asos (€23.99)
  4. A satchelfor a cute touch to the outfit, Bershka (€24.99)
  5. Red boots, a little color to enhance the whole New Look (€74.99)

The sweater dress, for a nice look preppy

Finally, a good alternative to the sweater, it’s his girlfriend the sweater dress!Alone, she creates a very nice preppy look, but you can push the card all the way by adding a coat dregs of wine, the openwork boots and trompe l’oeil tights, as here:

  1. A sweater dress, very pretty and perfect for the winter, Asos (€40.99 instead of €58.99)
  2. Binds a coat color of wine, chic and trendy, Asos (€86,99)
  3. Worked, bootsfor a sharp rock key, Zara (€79.95)
  4. Trompe l’oeil tights, for style socks without is jeler legs, H & M (€7.99)
  5. A bowling bag, a form which we don’t get tired, Nelly (€29.95)