Latest Trend to Discover How You Are Is Know How Te Face a La Adversity

Without coming to the point, he came and I wonder: ‘ do you are you: carrot, egg or coffee?» I did not understand anything. I thought the trick and not the answer. Soon I suspected that the question had little to do with be dining, vegetarian eggs or cafeinomana. Or with what I would if only could eat one. And I what I know. And indeed, I knew nothing.

Be carrot, egg or coffee is not chosen, you already.

Boiling water is life and their moves. A fluid context that seems it can not go over but does it. It seems that it is always touching the boundary but it surpasses it. The worst thing is that in the background already nothing surprises us. That is the worst. We see the boiling water and gives us equal. Steam flooding or even annoying situation. Only you yell and you complain when you burn. When you do damage and it hurts. We say that boiling water is now our present. You either need to assume much… This is our ground game. Our ring. Our pressure cooker. Our context of shit, go. And now is when you have to choose.

Many, if they could, would choose to be carrot. Look flexible, elastic, dynamic, strong, sturdy, healthy… but forget that getting in contact with the water boiling carrot is softened. Is it not small but it weakens. It is softened. You play it and breaks. It breaks your expectations and you can not count on it. You partly disappointed. And partly, I saw coming.

A same adversity has almost infinite reactions

Be egg is one of the most valid options. The egg becomes slightly protected but the interior is nervous. It trembles. It tirita non-stop. Seems however, when it touches the water boiling, is shaping and making strong within its thin shell. Be the limit makes it more robust. It could be that boiling water indefinitely. You know that you can. Nothing will happen. It will hold. Unless a blow without wanting to rub him before time.

No one chooses the coffee and rightly. Normally, we think that coffee does not live the man knowing that that is not the issue. Coffee seems useless and is almost unrecognizable. You can do anything with those coffee beans. They are brown pebbles in the middle of a road. In fact, they are what make the road. The coffee beans are changing water to the mix. They are not subject. Improves the taste and odor of the water. They change and do something to change. They do so. The coffee does not change anything, rather that something changes.

Boiling water can transform everything. And it will. The boiling water is here. And boiling has just begun. Do you are you? Or better, what you want to convert?

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