Last Month of Pregnancy: 7 Tips To Relieve The Symptoms

Last Month, All Ready For The Baby’s Arrival. Now Is Remain Quiet For Arrival Of The Newest Member Of The Family.
Last month of GravidezQuando pregnancy is heading for the last month, perhaps for pregnant women is the longest gestation period. The belly this big, causing discomfort to even simple movements: lower, sleep and others.
According to, at the end of pregnancy the woman may also have: back pain, swelling in the feet and legs, increased urinary flow among other symptoms. Some are so anxious toget to cogitate a c-section marking. There is even an ironic phrase: “pregnancy lasts 8 months and forever”, reflecting well the difficulty of that period.
All this is because in the last month of pregnancy the fetus’s length exceeds that of the uterus. The child in this period preceding childbirth, acquires antibodies from the mother to defend them from attacks by some microorganisms. But that immunity is temporary, lasting until the second month after birth, after that period shall be replaced by the immune system of the child.
signs pregnancy weeks
Last month of pregnancy
In the period of 4 (four) weeks prior to the birth, there are some modifications that happen naturally for the preparation of same. The hypogastrium which are the pains that arise in the lower belly, as if you were opening under, are normal. In this final phase of pregnancy also realizes that your pregnant belly this lower. This is for the positioning of the baby’s head in the pelvis.
In the last month of pregnancy it is advisable that pregnant women frequent the doctor once a week, because there may be some complications and when detected early, can be circumvented avoiding serious complications.
If the doctor sees fit there are some tests that evaluate the well-being of baby (Doppler Fetal Monitoring and Biophysical Profile). Through what is observed can be made some predictions about the time of delivery.
These queries in the last month of pregnancy, they serve to remove possible doubts and the expectant mother will feel safer and will understand the symptoms of that period.
Ease symptoms last month of pregnancy
1-when you’re seated don’t forget to put a stool to support your feet;
2-Switching periods standing and sitting;
3-Avoid socks with elastic bands that can block circulation, prefer the elastic stockings for pregnant women, and try to use comfortable shoes;
4-Raise slightly the headboard to facilitate breathing;
5-try to rest a little more and avoid physical exertion;
6-drink lots of water;
7-from the seventh month the doctor may indicate in the breast massage to stimulate and prepare the nipple and the areola to breastfeeding.
Identify early labor
At the end of pregnancy, when the woman lies down, usually having some contractions. In case you wake up the next day and you’re not feeling anything else, are contractions of childbirth. But if these contractions increase or stay at smaller intervals it is necessary to stay on standby because is starting labor, please report to the doctor so he can see if you have this going on dilation.
Another sign of the beginning of the birth is water loss, but be careful to check if you have the color and smell of urine, because with the compression of the baby’s head in the lower belly, the urine comes out more easily, even with a cough, but still the woman has control and hold, when the bag breaks, the liquid becomes involuntary loss.
The stock market breaking the expectant mother must already go to the hospital,because 6 hours after it runs the risk of infection, germs can climb up where leaked liquid. Watch this greenish liquid, yellowish or if there is bleeding, in these casesthe ida for maternity should be faster still.
Pregnant, try to stay calm, relax, get the baby’s room and enjoy every detail before the birth of your son. Split the events is important, especially with the closer: husband, mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, friends. The wait for baby preparations demand that helps woman to incorporate new role as mother, mainly be for mom.
Another point that we discussed, is that in the last month out of fear of the couple,the intimacy is shaken, talk to your obstetrician, if not occurring any health risk for both mother and baby, why not keep the sexual routine, just choose comfortable positions for both. But talk to your Gynecologist about it, he more than anyone will be able to clarify all your doubts, including this.
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