Laser Acne Treatment

Acne seems a condition that can never disappear. Therefore, any treatment you, acne tends to come back from time to time. Be warned that there is a solution, namely laser treatment that results. The costs are higher than those of other treatments, but the results are much faster and more visible in a short time.

You must know from the outset that acne is not caused by improper hygiene facial hygiene. In fact, the lack of care can aggravate acne, but the causes are quite different, and are mostly Interior.
Hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition towards such disorder, overactive sebaceous glands, lack of adequate hydration, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, food with more fat and many other things, lead to acne breakouts, often in severe forms.
Treatment with laser must be recommended by a dermatologist who will decide how many sessions are needed for complete recovery.
In addition, the dermatologist will prescribe, outside the laser treatment and internal treatment, antibiotics.
Facial care will continue, and often includes: a SOAP, lotion and cream for washing, cleaning and moisturizing. It is possible that foreign products for acne treatment can produce local redness and irritation. But they are meant to prepare “the Earth” to be washed using a laser device when handling pregnant acne issues.
Also, you changed your diet. You must avoid products high in fat and hydration will occupy a prominent place in the list of what should be done every day.
Laser therapy is local, as it acts exactly on the basket that went to the surface of the skin. The environment is sterile, and the risk of infection is zero.
The laser treatment is based on bio stimulation, anti-inflammatory and allergy. Acts not only on the skin surface, but at a deeper level. The effects are visible immediately and complete healing can take place even after a total of two sessions. But the number of sessions varies depending on the severity of the disease.
Laser therapy cannot be made by pregnant women or people suffering from liver failure, renal, cardiac, tuberculosis or skin diseases of malignant nature.
When the skin already has scars, you can do the micro-abrasion, which consists of a smoothing of the skin using a special machine that removes all the formations and the roughness from the skin surface.